Chloe Norgaard's 2017 City Beats Haircolor Challenge

March 06, 2017

When it comes to embracing new trends, no one is quite as adventurous as Redken Muse and model, Chloe Norgaard. This fashion superstar not only knows how to rock the latest couture, but she’s always experimenting with the hottest haircolors and makeup looks. It seems that as frequently as she changes her makeup she changes her haircolor. In so many ways, haircolor is the new makeup!

For that reason alone, we’ve challenged Chloe Norgaard to an entire year of hair and makeup transformations. During 2017, Norgaard—with the help of Redken Artist, Sean Godard and NYX Cosmetics—will dye, chop and transform her beauty look. It’s going to be a full year of new looks and inspiring hair trends that are sure to drop jaws.

Wondering where all of these looks came from? Each of Chloe’s looks will be pulled from the latest trends in the world of beauty and interpreted by her stylist for the ultimate in fashion forward hair and makeup. How cool is that?

Look 1: Oil Slick Haircolor

Oil Slick Hair

The first trend worn by Chloe, Oil Slick Hair, is a mix of vibrancy to her dark base. We're in love with the vibrant color throughout her hair, creating an oil-inspired swirl.

Get Chloe's Oil Slick Look >

Look 2: Split Dye Haircolor

Side By Side Hair

The second trend worn by CHLOE, Split Dye, is the perfect 50/50 haircolor trend. It c think about traditional haircolor. The placement of different, complementary colors near each others has us thinking about New York City, the inspiration behind the look.

Get Chloe's Split Dye Look >

Look 3: Rose Gold Haircolor

The third trend worn by Chloe, Rose Gold Haircolor, has our hearts a flutter. This rosy haircolor pulls on soft pastel tones to give Chloe a trendy yet romantic look.

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Look 4: Sunny Neon Haircolor- COMING SOON!

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