Curvaceous Wavy

Wavy hair that's perfect from day to night. Join the curl rebellion and get waves that wow with new Curvaceous.




• To cleanse, fully saturate hair, and emulsify the appropriate Curvaceous Shampoo based on needs throughout wet hair. Gently massage, avoiding circular or vigorous motions into a lather. Rinse. To get Anneik’s look we used, NEW! Curvaceous High-foam Lightweight Cleanser, to cleanse, yet infuse her long waves with lightweight moisture .

• To quench thirsty ends, rub Curvaceous Conditioner leave-in/rinse-out throughout focusing on the ends. Rinse. TIP: Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb in a downward motion to distribute evenly throughout and detangle.



ALWAYS REMEMBER! Begin with a small amount of product and keep layering until desired saturation, definition, shape or structure is achieved.
• To avoid over-drying hair, use a micro-fiber material or jersey t-shirt-like material “squeeze”, and towel-dry, then mist Curvaceous Wind Up activating energizing spray section by section throughout the entire head using the “squeezing technique” to boosts lazy waves with shape and shine. Leave in. TIP: To re-wet dry sections, lightly mist with a water bottle, before applying Wind Up.



• Use paper towels to blot away excess product.

• Diffuse or air dry. TIP: To encourage fullness, gently allow hair to fall freely to either side while drying and repeat on the opposite side until dry. TIP: To refine waves, randomly wrap waves around the barrel of a 1’ curling iron.

• To finish, move waves into desired shape, and lightly mist CCC Spray climate control caring spray gel to define and perfect in just one step TIP: For a beachier, more casual finish, mist fashion waves 07 texturzing sea salt spray for a more tousled texture.

• The next day, mist CCC Spray to refresh and combat the weather.