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Micro Boost

Micro Boost

Targeted treatment for low-density hairlines

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Product Benefits

Micro Boost is a targeted intensive leave-in scalp treatment designed to deliver advanced nourishment to thicker scalp skin characteristic of low-density hairlines. Micro Boost promotes a healthy scalp environment to improve the appearance of thinning hair.


With Intra Force, you no longer have to compromise between combating thinning hair and improving the condition of your hair. The unique three tiered program works synergistically to improve the health of your hair, leaving it denser, fuller, and thicker, from root to tip.



Why It Works

Redken introduces the association of Zinc PCA, Arginine and Vitamin E to promote hair density and combat thinning hair in three ways:

Zinc PCA to Detoxify: Zinc PCA helps reduce excess sebum and DHT on the hair and scalp to maintain a healthy scalp environment to promote hair density.

Arginine to Stimulate: Arginine, an essential amino acid, helps stimulate the scalp.

Vitamin E to Nourish: VITAMIN E derivative nourishes the scalp to provide an optimal environment for healthy hair growth.

Additionally Micro Boost is formulated with Niacin-E, which provides a warming sensation

How To Use

Use one of Redken's Intra Force Shampoo and Toners during your shower. 

Next, on dry or towel-dried hair, apply Micro Boost directly to clean scalp and massage in. Do not rinse. Follow with the appropriate Intra Force daily scalp treatment, and style as usual.

Customer Reviews

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