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Easy Tips to Looking Good

Easy Tips to Looking Good - Hair Tips by Redken For Men

Tip 1: Healthy Hair

What does hair and steak have in common? The answer is protein. Hair is comprised mainly of a non-living protein called keratin.  As you take on the day, your hair loses essential elements that provide strength and energy.  It's important to use a shampoo (and conditioner) that help you to refuel your hair. Redken For Men products offer focused technology for stronger hair and balanced scalp.


Tip 2: The Right Look

  • Explore Your Options: Take control of your look.  Technologically advanced, benefit-driven products give you exactly what you need: healthy hair and strong style. No problem. Redken For Men offers a complete range of grooming solutions that meet male-specific needs. Our styling products are categorized by form and control level to simplify selection.
  • Right Amount of Gray: Time moves fast. Take back a few years and look younger. Whether you want to reduce or conceal your gray, Redken For Men has a solution that will help you customize your "camouflage". 


Tip 3: The Pro's

Find your professional stylist. 

  • Speak Up: we all want to be heard. Top stylists are interested in what you want, not how they think you should look. Check the web or a fashion magazine for looks you like, and then feel free to bring in a picture of a hairstyle you like. A good rapport with your stylist can only lead to a great haircut for you.
  • Come Prepared: Here are some questions you may want to ask at your next visit to a salon: What type of hair do I have? What products work best for my hair type?

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