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Embrace your natural curly hair and let it amplify your personality.  Curly girls worldwide have spoken up shown us their perfectly styled curly haircuts. No matter if you are looking for sassy short curly haircuts or long wavy locks knowing how to perfect your curl type is key to styling curly hair.


WAVY hairstyle 

Open waves that are generally loose and less defined.

Hot Tip: Amplify the natural shape and style of the curl with a diffuser   

Meet Tiffany,she loves when her curls are full of volume! Find out how she accomplishes a perfect voluminous style!

Wavy Hairstyles and Wavy Hair Tips for By Redken with Curvaceous


A mixture of looser or tighter curls that range from springy and bouncy to lazy and loose.

Hot Tip: Use a terry-cloth towel and scrunch hair and squeeze out excess water rather than using a standard towel

Meet Chelsea, she keeps her curls frizz-free by leaving just a little conditioner in her hair from the shower. Learn what else Chelsea does to keep moisture in her curls and the frizz out of her short curly haircut

Hairstyles and Tips for loose curls perfect for styling on the go by Redken Curvaceous


Bouncy curls that range from ringlets to compact coils.

Hot Tip: Only diffuse hair 50% with this curl then lightly mist Wind Up Reactivating spray to limp curls

Meet Alexis, she worries about humidity, as any curly girl does! Find out how she prevents curls from going flat and frizzy even the highest humidity! 

Curly Hair Tips for perfect spiral curls for everyday styling by Redken Curvaceous


Curls that are full of body and vary from tightly coiled to densely compact twists. May be fine to medium in diameter, and appear thicker in abundance. 

Hot Tip: Towel blot / dry hair in a downward motion and comb with a wide-tooth comb

Meet Cecilia, she loves the glamour and the drama of her curls. Find out she keeps her long curly hairstyle in perfect condition not just for everyday but for special occassions and traveling

SPIRAL curly hairstyle

The most densely compact and generally the driest and most fragile hair texture due to the zigzag nature of the curl pattern 

Hot Tip: Set hair with plastic chop-sticks for a more defined curl! 

Meet Ashley, she didn't always know how to style her tight spiral curls but with recommendations and education on the perfect curl hair products she now extends her knowledge to you!  

How to style curly hair by Redken