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How Oil works on hair by Redken Diamond Oil

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What hair types are Diamond Oil and Diamond Oil High Shine recommended for? 

Diamond Oil is perfect for all types of dull/damaged hair. Shatterproof Shine is an extremely versatile product that can be paired with any of the product ranges within the Redken haircare portfolio for added shine and strength. Diamond Oil’s High Shine collection is perfect for fine hair that craves shine. The transparent gel-based Shampoo and Conditioner are specifically designed to boost shine without adding weight. Paired with the featherlight Airy Mist, this shine collection is the perfect blend of lightweight and reflective diamond-like shine.

How does the Diamond Oil range protect hair from mechanical damage?
Diamond Oil
provides nourishment, conditioning and strength to the cortex, fortifying the hair from within. Simultaneously, natural oils form a protective barrier on the surface of the hair, locking out humidity and harmful elements, and reducing the hair’s exposure to friction while combing, brushing, etc.

If oil remains on the surface of the hair, won’t it make hair greasy and weigh it down?
The natural oil that resides on the surface of the hair, coriander oil, seals the cuticle in a lightweight but powerful veil of moisture and shine. It provides protection against mechanical damage without feeling or appearing greasy or heavy.

How do different types of oils penetrate the hair shaft while others sit on the cuticle?
Oils contain a mixture of fatty chains which are all different lengths and sizes. Oils with a high content of small fatty chains penetrate into the cortex of the hair while oils that contain a high content of large fatty chains tend to lay on the surface of the hair fiber.

Is this shampoo for everyday use? I have heard that shampooing every day can lead to dull hair.
It is safe to use Diamond Oil shampoo and Diamond Oil High Shine shampoo daily, as it is formulated with oils and ingredients rich in nourishing and conditioning agents to ensure your hair is shiny and protected.

Are there any silicones in the Shatterproof Shine Oil?
No, Shatterproof Shine Oil contains no silicones and is comprised of 99% natural oils.

What are the differences between the Diamond Oil and All Soft and Extreme lines?
Diamond Oil is specially designed for consumers with dull hair that has been damaged through everyday wear and tear. Cuticles are frayed and the internal structure is compromised. The Diamond Oil regimen infuses oil on all three layers of the hair, and strengthens with IPN to enhance shine and protect against future damage.

All Soft is especially designed for consumers with dry and/or brittle hair who are looking to help restore hair’s softness, shine and elasticity and to keep it deeply conditioned. All Soft nourishes hair’s protein, comprised of keratin, to restore moisture, smooth the surface and provide intense replenishment for resilient flexibility, durable softness and inside-out conditioning.

Extreme is especially designed for consumers with distressed hair who are looking to strengthen and repair. Extreme brings protein to the core of the hair fiber restoring internal strength, rebuilding surface protection and helping to prevent breakage through IPN and the Fortifying Complex (qualified as a regimen tested for strengthening).

What is the main difference between Argan-6 multi-care oil and Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine?
The silicones in Argan-6 multi-care oil offer great shine and feel on hair, and their effect is mostly cosmetic. The oils in the silicone-free Shatterproof Shine formulas offer shine along with repairing benefits due to their penetration into the hair fiber. 

Is Diamond Oil safe for use on color-treated hair?
Like all Redken haircare ranges, Diamond Oil and Diamond Oil High Shine are safe for use on color-treated hair and will not lead to fading or distortion. 

Does Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine provide heat protection?
No, but application of heat to hair with a styling instrument (i.e. flat iron) usually results in better distribution of the oils and an enhanced cosmetic effect. 

What is the Shine Strong Complex?
Exclusive to Diamond Oil, the Shine Strong Complex is a combination of coriander, camelina and apricot oils and IPN. Coriander oil resides on the surface of the hair, sealing the cuticle to lock in strength and shine. Camelina and apricot oils fill the gaps in the intracellular cement and penetrate to the core to increase luminosity from the inside out. IPN reinforces the hair with strengthening protein.   

What is IPN?
The Interlock Protein Network is Redken Haircare’s delivery system containing Keralink, amino acids and proteins to improve formula efficacy, help rebuild surface protection and strengthen hair to the core. 

Why is IPN not included in Shatterproof Shine?
IPN is in the ShampooConditioner, and Deep Facets formulas. IPN is not in Shatterproof Shine as the formula is 99% oils, and IPN is not soluble in oil. 

Are there oils that are better for fine hair versus coarse hair?  
The combination of oils used in Diamond Oil High Shine (coriander, camelina and apricot) were optimized for finer hair types in the clear-base formula technology. The combination of oils were mixed with specific ratios in the gel-based formula to optimize the shine power of the suspended sparkles while also magnifying shine and moisture without adding weight or greasiness by not coating the hair. However, Diamond Oil’s existing range of haircare featuring Shatterproof Shine and Shatterproof Shine Intense oil are the optimal solution for medium to coarse hair types.

 What is so unique about Airy Mist?  
Diamond Oil’s featherlight oil treatment, Airy Mist, takes shine to the next level as the first treatment with a shine spray base. It’s also silicone based, which means it gives the perfect silky and light look and feel on fine hair. The light and high-shine formula is then propelled through the a fine aerosolized system for delicate application, so you won't ever overuse and can layer easily onto the hair.

 Why is IPN not included in Airy Mist?  
IPN is in the gel-based Shampoo and Conditioner formulas. It is the delivery system that drives the ingredient in haircare. IPN is not in the featherlight Airy Mist as the formula is an aerosol, and the ingredients that make up IPN cannot be aerosolized.


What is the new Sparkling Oil Complex found in Diamond Oil High Shine?  
The Sparkling Oil Complex is a combination of coriander oil, camelina and apricot oils, entirely designed to maximize and dramatize the shine power of oils on all hair types. The oils mixed together with shine sparkles are suspended within clear formulas. Together all the ingredients add multidimension to shine’s reflection instantly.

 Are there any silicones in Diamond Oil High Shine collection?  
Yes, all of the formulas in Diamond Oil High Shine are silicone-based




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