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Fashion Week Survival Kit


Rodney Cutler, Owner Cutler Salons

Exercise is key for me. Running every morning, even with early call times, wakes me up and energizes me for the day. It also helps me stay balanced in the midst of the craziness of Fashion Week. I avoid FW parties until the very last show is over to prevent experiencing highs and lows that can come with the adrenaline of a show followed by exhaustion after it's over. It is important to rest whenever possible and stay level-headed during the week, saving the celebrations for later. 

Charles, Photographer

USB Drives are essential! When in doubt, have a brand new pack at the start of each morning. I like to keep tea and granola bars stashed in my travel bag as well. It's always good to have your favorites handy when running from show to show trying to get the perfect shot!


 Fashion Week Survival Kit Dress in Layers

 Caitlin, Beauty Blogger 

Dress for comfort; you never know what the temperature will be like at a show. I always dress in layers so I can adjust between being cold in air conditioned spaces or being overheated in outdoor settings. Also, I wear insoles with my heels since I run around in them all week!

Claire, Public Relations

Stock up on gum!  Having fresh breath is very important. When I am in crowded backstage settings giving an interview, and just in general, I make sure I have gum and mints on me at all times!

Gum - Fashion Week Must Have

Jenny Balding, Redken for Men & Curvaceous Expert 

Drink plenty of water! My favorite is SmartWater. Make sure you get as much sleep as possible, too, and keep an open mind and an upbeat attitude. Everybody is trying to do their best to create a fantastic show, and things can get crazy. 


 Kayla, Digital Marketing

Always be armed with spare chargers for any device - a Luna portable charger is ideal. And make sure to keep your Starbucks App handy. Coffee is definitely a must have to survive Fashion Week. 

Fashion Week Survival Kit by Redken