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Haircut Haircolor Fashion and Makeup Tips for Your Face Shape By Redken

Flatter your face shape with pro tips from celebrity haircolorist Tracey Cunningham and fashion stylists MAC+MIR. Just find the shape that matches your face and check out the customized fashion tips. Want more advice? Talk to your Redken Stylist about the best cut and color for you! 


Take a look in the mirror and chose the shape that you feel most suits the overall shape of your face. Click on the below image that most compares to see the perfect hairstyle, makeup and outfit choices for you!

square face shape triangel face shape inverted triangle round face shape diamond face shape oblong face shape


Hairstyle & fashion tips for oVAL face shapes            

Lucky oval! Your face is considered the ideal shape because it’s perfectly balanced.

Any haircolor placement will work! Have fun and ask your stylist about attention-getting colors like bold red or copper. Rich chocolate shades and platinum blonde will also have you turning heads.

Most haircuts work well, but make sure to avoid disrupting your natural balance with a style that accentuates length.

Get the most mileage out of your salon blow-dry with powder refresh 01 aerosol hair powder/dry shampoo. Just mist on roots to absorb oil and freshen up hair.

Plunging necklines, strapless designs and spaghetti straps all enhance oval faces. Since your face is balanced, you can also try fashion-forward looks such as attention-getting prints or shapes like bold shoulders.

Hoop earrings, chandeliers or teardrop styles complement oval faces beautifully. Trendy statement necklaces flatter your face shape, too – just don’t go too chunky!

Identify your face shape for perfect hair, makeup and syling by Redken

Hoop Earings for Oval Face Shapes by Redken


hairstyle & fashion tips for SQUARe faces

Square faces have a strong shape and great bone structure! Your browbone, cheekbones and jawtend to have equal width, so adding softness through cut and color can downplay harsh angles and create a flattering look.

Go for highlights and lowlights! Ask your stylist to keep color deeper at the temples and place highlights at the cheekbones to add softness.

Pearl Earings perfect for square face shapes with wavy hairstyles by Redke




Keep your hair below your jaw or longer. Haircuts that stop at the jawline can make your face appear more squared-off.

Stay away from cuts with strong lines, such as blunt bangs or a bob—they’re just too angular. Instead, go for side-swept bangs, face-framing layers and romantic waves. Try wax blast 10 high impact finishing spray-wax to enhance waves and add tousled texture.

Choose scalloped collars, round or scoop necks, and deep V-necks. All of these necklines add softness to square faces.

Earrings with rounded shapes also help to soften angular faces. Try classic hoops or other curved styles.  


hairstyle & Fashion tips for triangle faces 

Triangular faces have a strong, distinctive jawline. You have more width in the lower part of your face, which can be easily balanced with cut and color techniques that draw attention away from the jaw.

Collared shirts, sweetheart necklines, V-necks or necklines with scalloped edges all flatter a strong jawline.

Remember, opposites attract! Steer clear of jewelry that comes to a point. Opt for rounded shapes instead, such as oval or circular earrings or curved necklaces.Sweetheart necklines for Triangle faceshapes by redken




It’s all about drawing the eye upward! Keep color darker from the ears down, and go for highlights at the temples and fringe.

Been thinking about trying a short haircut? Go for it! Short cuts that add width at the crown and forehead are perfect for triangular faces. 

Prefer long hair? Keep it below your jawline, and make sure you don’t have excessive fullness by your chin. For example, avoid choppy jaw-length layers. Try a sleek style: Apply duo shield 07 color protecting gel-cream, then blow-dry hair smooth with a paddle brush.

duo shield 07

  Border block


hairstyle & Fashion Tips for INVERTED Faces 

Also known as “heart-shaped,” inverted triangle faces have a delicate chin and wider cheekbones. The right cut and color can play up this face shape beautifully!

Heart-shaped faces look great with color that’s darker at the temples and forehead, and lighter from the chin area downward. Ask your stylist about ombre!

Add fullness around the jawline: Longer styles with choppy, chin-length layers work perfectly. Prefer a shorter cut? Try a chin-length bob.

Stay away from top-heavy looks, like short boyish cuts or thick bangs, and avoid slicked-back ponytails (they can draw to much attention to your chin). Blow-dry with aerate 08 all-over bodifying mousse to pump up limp locks.

Scarves are a great accessory for this face shape, as well as blouses with a tie neck. Choose a print or bold color to make it modern!

Off-the-shoulder necklines, turtlenecks,
scoop necks, sweetheart necklines
and cowl-neck styles all flatter
heart-shaped faces.


Elongate Your Face Shape with Earings by Redken

hairstyle & Fashion tips for CIRCLE faces               

Rounder in shape, circular faces have all the right curves! Cut and color can help to elongate the face and make the the most of this shape.

Try sun-kissed highlights to flatter circular faces: Ask your stylist to add highlights above your forehead, and a darker shade at the cheeks and jawline. 

Avoid chin-length cuts, blunt bangs and middle parts—they’re too harsh and can add width. Go for softer styles with asymmetry: Side-swept bangs and a side part work beautifully, and so do choppy layers!

Adding height at the crown helps to create the illusion of length. Try guts 10 root-targeted volume spray foam for long-lasting lift. 

Choose open  snecklines to create the illusion of length. What to avoid? Crew necks, which mimic the natural roundness of the face.

Earrings that are longer and leaner, such as thin chandelier styles, help to elongate the face. 




Large Necklaces for Diamond Face Shapes Compliment the perfect Haircolor by redken

hairstyle & fashion tips for OBLONG faces

Oblong faces have consistent width, which can make them appear even longer. Cut and color can add balance and enhance the beauty of this elegant face shape!

Boat necks, off the shoulder necklines and strapless tops flatter oblong faces. Pair with shorter necklaces such as chokers or princess-length (18-20 inches long) for a pulled-together look.

Bold statement earrings are ideal for this face shape! Try wide chandelier styles to add width. Get the best looks for your face shape see a redken stylist

hairstyle & Fashion tips for DIAMOND faces

Diamond faces are angular, with cheek-bones that are wider than your browbone and jawline. Cut and color can play up cheekbones and make your look sparkle!


Ask your stylist about highlights by the temples and jawline—your stylist can customize the placement to play up your cheekbones and create your best shape.

Necklaces are a must-have accessory for diamond-shaped faces! Try layered styles to accentuate your neckline or chokers to frame your face. 

High collars also frame diamond-shaped faces beautifully. Pair with small drop earrings or studs for a balanced look

Styling Products for any hair type and face shape by Redken

Ask your stylist for color that’s darker at the hairline and lighter from the temples to jaw area. It creates the illusion of roundness, which is a good thing for oblong faces! 

Keep hair full at the sides, with minimum height on top. Face-framing layers work beautifully. Use fashion work 12 versatile working spray to keep layers under control and add satin-matte shine. 

Skip middle parts and say yes to bangs—they’re a great option to help diminish length!

Tracey Cunnignham redken creative consultant for haircolorMAC & MIR Fashion Stylists for RedkenMAC & MIR Fashion Stylists for Redken


One of the most sought-after colorists in the business, Tracey’s client include some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Based in Beverly Hills, she’s known for her belief in maintaining healthy hair while coloring. 


Micaela Beckwith and Miriam Sternoff are the styling duo that makes up MA +MIR, Inc. Based in L.A., their celebrity clients include Zooey Deschanel, Selma Blair, Natasha Bedingfield, Amy Poehler and more.   

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