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Redken Experts are brand ambassadors.  Our experts are the top stylists and colorists as well as some of the most sought after professionals in the industry. Recognized for their areas of expertise in hair, Redken utilizes these “Experts” to provide our customers with the latest tips, tricks, trends and how-tos.
Get to know the Redken Experts on a personal level! What famous personalities have they worked with? How long have they been in the industry? When did they first show interest in becoming a hairstylist? Check back in for new snippets about their lives.
Ask these Experts your own questions and it may just be chosen as the "Question of the Month."

Haircolor Consultant for Redken :

David Stanko

Expert Photo

David Stanko has been in the hair industry for over 22 years and with Redken for the past 13. Recently, Stanko spearheaded the testing and technical execution of Redken haircolor and lightener brands. 

Today, as Haircolor Consultant for Redken and a working salon colorist in New York City, David exercises his wide range of gifts and focuses on haircolor and Redken Chemistry. First, he invents new ways to use the technology of haircolor in transforming how the world sees a person. Then it’s his job to teach other salon professionals to see beyond the technology of that process to the artistry of their final work. And, clearly, he knows what he’s doing. David’s haircolor work has been featured in the pages of top fashion publications, including Vogue, Glamour, InStyle, Latina and Elle.


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Every month, Redken takes your questions and asks the experts!



Q: I have never colored my hair before and I want a change, but I am unsure whether to go with a darker hair color or lighter, blonde highlights. Can you provide some insight and tips on how to make a decision? Should I go by the season?

A: Dear Color Curious,

Let's get right to it. First, check out fashion and Hollywood gossip magazines to see the current celeb trends. These gals can help you with length, style and color (my specialty). Keep a mini portfolio of images. Next, log on to and search for a salon (by zip code). Schedule a consultation or blow-dry appointment and "interview" the potential colorist (bring your mini portfolio).

As for color "tips" here's what I tell my clients at Angelo David Salon in NYC: If you're a first time color client, adding a few highlights (going lighter) is a great start. Deepening your haircolor, because it’s lightened from the sun or has undesirable auburn tones, I will use Shades EQ demi-permanent haircolor because it doesn't prohibit me from future color services. Consider this: the closer your stay to your natural color, the less maintenance, shock and flexibility you'll have with changing your look.

Happy Coloring, David


If you have a question for David, email it to us at and your question could be selected as David's Question of the Month!



  David at a NYC Redken press event

                 David Stanko teaching other stylists

                     at the 2009 Redken Symposium

: Pittsburgh, PA    

Salon name:  Angelo David Salon - NYC

Most memorable people you’ve worked with (if applicable):

  • Photographers:  Dah Lin, Stephane Sednaoui, and Simon Emmett
  • Designers:  Carmen Marc Valvo
  • Models:  David Miller, Andreas.  Selita Ebanks, Danee, CariDee English & tons of guys & girls who’ve made it big!
  • Celebrities:  Sarah Jessica Parker, Molly Sims, Estella Warren

Who is the one person you’d love to work with? 
Annie Humphreys

What motivates you to keep going?  I don’t feel I’ve “arrived” yet, so I continue to strive for greater variety in career, a bit more exposure of my work & reputation and refining my work & personal time.   

Most memorable mishap on a shoot/fashion show/ or with a celebrity? 
  Highlighting a blonde model with lightener placed on red colored foils and turning her fringe a beautiful soft pink tone.

What tools do you need with you when working?   Tail comb, gloves, 2-inch wide/long applicator brush, balayage wand, foil and plastic wrap for highlighting.  

Favorite vacation destination? 
Anywhere I can spend real quality time catching up with friends.  I do like Paris & Italy, as well.  

Favorite place to work? 
My home office or Central Park.    

Favorite city?
  New York City

Where do you want to go on your next vacation?
  Kripalu Wellness Center in the Berkshires, MA.  Rest & rejuvenation.  

Golden Rules to live by: 
Be assertive not aggressive.  Learn to listen.  Don’t interrupt.  Be thoughtful & grateful for what you have.

Favorite store? 
Barney’s in Beverly Hills.  Oh ya, and Wal-Mart.

Beauty Icon?
Coco Chanel

Trend you love?
Great suit & tie on men.

Must-have hair product you use on yourself?     Hair Cleansing Cream  

Favorite indulgence?  Custom made dress shirts. 

Favorite restaurant?
  In NYC it varies monthly.  For me, its favorite delivery-place-of-the-moment - - Arturo’s – great lasagna.

Why Redken?  What is the Redken difference?
  Redken’s esthetic is modern, urban & approachable - without being over the top.   It’s a product company that has the best interest of the hairdresser in mind.  And its a complete offering – from haircare, styling and haircolor; plus top notch education, fresh media exposure, relevant websites and an extensive educational network – no matter where you live, there’s a Redken educator in your ‘hood to swing by your salon to present cutting, styling, coloring techniques or even help build your business.  Oh ya, plus there’s always try-me formulas and creative ways to use the product, so when a new product comes into the salon, it doesn’t collect dust – it gets put to good use.