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How To Create Romantic, Loose Curls: The Perfect Easy Hairstyle for Valentine’s Day

February 03, 2021

Creating the perfect hairstyle for your Valentine's Day date doesn't have to be difficult! Read on to learn how you can create gorgeous, loose curls for the big night in just a few easy steps!

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How To Train Your Hair To Be Less Greasy

August 13, 2020

Have greasy hair and want to learn how to train your scalp so you can extend your hairstyles longer and go that extra day without a wash? Learn everything you need to know about scalp training.

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Valentine's Day Hairstyles To Inspire Your Look

January 24, 2020

Whether you're celebrating Valentine's day with someone special, your friends or simply celebrating yourself with a little self-love, February 14th is a great day for gorgeous hair.

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Braided Ponytails To Inspire Your Fall Look

November 06, 2019

Upgrade your fall hair style with a beautiful braided ponytail. Get inspired by these looks created by Redken's Styling Society!

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How To Get The Perfect Beach Waves

September 06, 2019

With these simple steps, perfectly textured beach waves are so easy to achieve, you’ll wonder why you weren’t styling your hair like this years ago!

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How To Manage Hair Breakage

July 15, 2019

Hair Breakage can be caused by a variety of factors, from heat styling to highlights. Read on to learn how you can prevent and treat hair breakage.

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Long healthy blonde hair that can be grown with the help of biotin

Secrets to Longer Hair: How Biotin Benefits My Haircare Routine

December 05, 2017

Find out the secret to getting longer hair. Hint: Are you using biotin? Learn how biotin benefits your haircare routine.

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