Amber Le Bon | Redken Muse


Truly rock royalty, Amber is the daughter of Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon and supermodel Yasmin Le Bon. Known for her amazing fashion sense, trendsetting hair and spot-on musical taste, Amber has DJ’d for Victoria's Secret, Gucci, the British Fashion Council Awards and many other Fashion Week events.

HOME BASE: London, England

HAIR LOVE: "Well, approaching the mane takes some strength mentally… and sometimes physically! I use a lot conditioner. Long hair tends to get very knotty, so you do have to take care of it. But I like having big hair and backcombing it so it’s bouncy and voluminous. The bigger, the better!"

HER MUSICAL TASTES: "I'm not very narrow with my choice of music. I like mixing it up! I think it’s quite interesting one day to listen to classical music then the next day to punk rock."

HOW SHE STAYS CONNECTED: Instagram. "It's always fun, since it’s more of a snapshot of what you’re thinking."

WHEN SHE DJs: "I like mixing house and light electro, and then throwing in some old disco songs and 90s hip-hop. I like being able to sing along to stuff I play, because then I have more fun. And if I’m having fun, hopefully it means other people are having fun too!"

ON BEAUTY: "Beauty is something that comes from the inside. It’s that glow you get when you’re confident and self-assured and happy."

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Introducing Amer Le Bon - Redken Muse