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Amber Le Bon | Redken Muse

August 01, 2016

Truly rock royalty, Amber is the daughter of Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon and supermodel Yasmin Le Bon. Known for her amazing fashion sense, trendsetting hair and spot-on musical taste, Amber has DJ’d for Victoria's Secret, Gucci, the British Fashion Council Awards and many other Fashion Week events.

HOME BASE: London, England

HAIR LOVE: "Well, approaching the mane takes some strength mentally… and sometimes physically! I use a lot conditioner. Long hair tends to get very knotty, so you do have to take care of it. But I like having big hair and backcombing it so it’s bouncy and voluminous. The bigger, the better!"

HER MUSICAL TASTES: "I'm not very narrow with my choice of music. I like mixing it up! I think it’s quite interesting one day to listen to classical music then the next day to punk rock."

HOW SHE STAYS CONNECTED: Instagram. "It's always fun, since it’s more of a snapshot of what you’re thinking."

WHEN SHE DJs: "I like mixing house and light electro, and then throwing in some old disco songs and 90s hip-hop. I like being able to sing along to stuff I play, because then I have more fun. And if I’m having fun, hopefully it means other people are having fun too!"

ON BEAUTY: "Beauty is something that comes from the inside. It’s that glow you get when you’re confident and self-assured and happy."

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Meet Amber

Introducing Amer Le Bon - Redken Muse




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