Redken Artist Spotlight: Ariella Mendez (Hoboken, NJ)

October 31, 2015

    1) Where are you from?
    Hoboken, New Jersey

    2) How long have you been a stylist or colorist?
    14 years

    3) How are you affiliated with Redken?
    I am a Redken Certified Colorist, Design Certified, Specialist, & Redken Artist.

    4) What inspired you to become a stylist or colorist?
    My dad, his sisters & my grandma were all stylists.

    5) What would you consider to be your specialties? 
    Balayage & Finishing.

    6) What are your favorite style and color trends at the moment? 
    Balayage & pastels on blondes. Strobbing.

    7) What Redken products can’t you live without? 
    Pillow proof 2 day extender & extreme length sealer.

    8) Do you have any hairstyling tips/tricks for client at-home styling? 
    Always shampoo 2 times to cleanse the hair which allows you to then go longer between shampoos. Use dry shampoo before the hair even gets dirty.

    9) Where do you find inspiration for coming up with new styles? Teenagers & young kids just being who they are & wearing what they want to wear.

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