Redken Artist Spotlight: Ellen Devine (St. Louis, MO)

October 31, 2015

    EllenDevineHeadshot1) Where are you from?
    St. Louis, MO

    2) How long have you been a stylist or colorist?
    6.5 years

    3) What made you want to become a stylist or colorist?
    It’s funny; when I was a teenager my friends and I wanted hair extensions. I did some research and discovered how to put them in correctly, or so it seemed at the time! After a few trial and errors I had classmates calling to have me put extensions in their hair as well. I told my hairstylist at the time about it and she suggested I go to cosmetology school. The rest is history! 

    4) What would you consider to be your specialties?
    I have a deep passion for design and finishing, however I always want to be a well-rounded stylist. I love a good haircolor challenge. 

    5) What are your favorite style and color trends at the moment?
    I love all of the “lived in” color and styles happening lately. 

    6) What Redken products can’t you live without?
    I literally cannot live without the Redken Glow Dry Oil Style Enhancing Blow Dry Oil. It gives an amazing shine and helps reduce blow dry time. I like layering a cocktail of Satinwear 02 Prepping Blow Dry Lotion and Velvet Gelatine 07 Cushioning Blow Dry Gel with it for heat protection and a smooth cushiony finish to the hair. 

    7) Do you have any hairstyling tips/tricks for client at-home styling?
    It’s all in the setup! Using the correct product to support your style is key. The biggest tip I have is don’t throw away your nozzle for your blow dryer! The nozzle helps direct the airflow and control that unwanted frizz. Ask your stylist what brushes you should be using, I retail Sam Villa brushes so that my clients and I use the same tools and achieve the same outcomes.

    8) Where do you find inspiration for coming up new styles?
    I look everywhere, from Fashion Week to Pinterest. My goal is to bring pieces of everything that inspires me into a collaborative and innovative design and color for my guests in the salon.

    9) What’s your Instagram handle?


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