Redken Artist Spotlight: Heather Green (Holly, MI)

October 31, 2015

    1) Where are you from?
    Holly, Michigan

    2) How long have you been a stylist or colorist?
    11 years

    3) How are you affiliated with Redken?
    I am a Redken Specialist, Redken Authority, Redken Certified, Redken Artist.

    4) What inspired you to become a stylist or colorist?
    I had been struggling trying to find an artistic career that I could support myself with. I had changed my college major multiple times. I went on vacation and was asked by a total stranger "Do you do hair", I replied "No". She then told me "Well, you should". I asked her how she knew she said "I own a salon, I can tell". As soon as I got home I enrolled in beauty school and never looked back. That one moment changed my life, listen to the Universe when it speaks to you.

    5) What would you consider to be your specialties? 
    Haircolor is my speciality. I live, eat, breathe hair color. I also specialize in business, consultation, and client relations.

    6) What are your favorite style and color trends at the moment? 
    I love the on purpose messy thing that's happening now. I have always loved that. I also love that we have a mixture of edgy bright colors and super natural looking beautiful hair color happening at the same time. I love the look of hair that looks like you haven't tried too hard.

    7) What Redken products can’t you live without? 
    Powder Grip 08, Stay High 18, Control Addict 28, and Blonde Idol Custom Tone Conditioner in Violet.

    8) Do you have any hairstyling tips/tricks for client at-home styling?
    First and foremost, products are the KEY!!! The right products will change your life. After that, keep it simple, hair that isn't completely perfect looks more modern. If you are round brushing, rough dry it until it's 80% dry before taking the brush to it. Invest in a good blow dryer.

    9) Where do you find inspiration for coming up with new styles?
    I find inspiration everywhere. I just let it strike me. Mostly it comes from a mixture of things I see around me. Nature, art, music, fashion, street art/style, kids hair. Everything. If I think it's beautiful I try to figure out a way to replicate it in a wearable hair color. I love the juxtaposition of natural, and edgy. I love creating a punk rock color that's sophisticated enough for a corporate attorney to wear.


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