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Great Ways To Support Your Stylist

April 23, 2020
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Often times your stylist and local salon can be more than just the place you get your hair done. They can be your friend, your guide, and the heart of a lot of great hair days. During this time, with non-essential businesses closed, your professionals and small business salons need your support and help now more than ever. Let’s do our part to help salons come back strong and ready to take on a new chapter when business resumes. See below for ideas for how you can help out and show your stylist support during this uncertain time:

Learn How You Can Support Your Stylist

Share Love For Your Hairstylist With #SupportYourStylist

Show your hairstylist that you are thinking of them during this difficult time. Beginning Friday, April 24th, you can show your hairstylist love on social media by posting with hashtag #supportyourstylist and giving your hairstylist a shout out. Join Redken in celebrating and supporting the hairstylist community leading up to Hairstylist Appreciation Day on April 30th. 

Donate to the Professional Beauty Association COVID-19 Relief Fund


Looking to give back to the stylist community right now? With salons being closed, the reality of the matter is that hairdressers are currently out of work. This fund serves as emergency aid for immediate needs, such as buying food and paying bills, for licensed beauty professionals who are currently unable to work due to COVID-19. Consider donating, any and every donation makes a difference. Click here to learn more!

Schedule Your Next Appointment


Take the time to book ahead for your next appointment. Your stylist will be relieved that you’re supporting them in their comeback once business resumes. With the uncertainty of potential future social distancing measures being taken in salons once businesses resume, it’ll be beneficial that you already have your appointment in the books, too.

Send A Generous Gratuity To Your Hairstylist

Even though you cannot see your hairstylist during this time for your usual haircut or haircolor service, you can still show support for your local salon and hairstylist. Consider sending your hairstylist a generous gratuity through apps such as Venmo. This small gesture is a great way to show your hairstylist that you are thinking of them during this time. It's an amazing way to show appreciation and support for your hairstylist even though you cannot visit them in person. 

Purchase A Gift Card

Similar to purchasing gift cards from restaurants you’re unable to visit right now, look into purchasing a gift card or gift certificate from your local salon. Give them a call, think about purchasing for yourself or a family member. You can even use this to pay it forward—think about purchasing a gift card for someone close to you working as a frontline essential worker to show them they’re in your thoughts.

Follow Your Stylist On Social Media


Follow your stylist on Instagram, where they post some of their work and beautiful hair transformations. During this time, your stylist may be sharing more tutorials, techniques and hair tips to stay creative and active. Give them a follow, like their posts, and share their work! A little shout-out on social will make them feel appreciated and special.

Purchase Hair Products Through Your Stylist's Referral Link


Many stylists are able to earn additional income by participating in affiliate programs such as the x Redken salon affiliate program. If your stylist is participating in an affiliate program, consider purchasing your hair products through your stylist's referral link. This is another great way to show support for your stylist and help her earn additional commission during this difficult time.

Running low on shampoo and conditioner? Restock or even stock up on your hair essentials through your local salon. Call them and see what their current process is for purchasing products. Some salons have websites where you can purchase products online! 

Leave A Review


Help build your stylist or salon’s name and clientele by leaving a review. Leave a review on your local salon’s page on Yelp or other crowd-sourcing review sites. Talk about their services, environment and be sure to shout out your stylist.

Purchase Hair Products From Your Salon


Running low on shampoo and conditioner? Restock or even stock up on your hair essentials through your local salon. Call them and see what their current process is for purchasing products. Some salons have websites where you can purchase products online! Others may have affiliate programs with e-commerce sites where a portion of your purchase will go directly to your stylist or salon, like

Check In On Your Stylist

This may be the most important. Call your stylist or shoot them a text to let them know you’re thinking of them. Often times our stylist is our friend or our confidant, and it’s important to show you’re there for them in the same way they’re there for you time and time again. Ask them how they’re doing, ask them for hair advice and tell them you’re looking forward to seeing them in the future.

Times may be tough, but so are you, and so are your stylists and local salons. Gestures big and small can go such a long way during times like this and bring us together, even while apart. Consider showing your support in one or two of these ways. It only takes a minute and can go such a long way. Thank you for your continued support of stylists and salons. Take care and stay safe.

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