What To Expect When Your Salon Reopens


After what feels like an endless number of months without our hairstylists, salons are starting to re-open across the country. But before you rush to get your roots done, there are a few things worth knowing about what your hair appointment will look like in the post-pandemic world—at least for the next few months. In most states, salons are included in the second phase of reopening, but are going to be required to follow some stringent rules in order to keep stylists and clients as safe as possible. 

While each state has its own list of requirements, there are a few common practices that you can expect to see no matter where you're going to get your hair color or haircut done. Read on to learn more about what to expect during your first visit back to the salon.

Social Distancing Guidelines


Safety guidelines and requirements will vary state to state, but across the board you’ll see social distancing as priority number one. This means that there will likely be fewer guests in the salon at a time (so, be sure to book your appointment in advance), chairs positioned six feet apart, and in many cases no walk-in appointments will be accepted. In many areas, both you and your stylist will be required to wear a mask, and contactless check-in and payment methods will become the new norm. Plus, salons will adhere to a strict and more frequent cleaning schedule to ensure that surfaces are regularly disinfected and safe.

“Patience is key,” says Redken artist Blake Reed Evans. “Everything may take longer; from the length of your service, to sanitizing and check out, but remember that these new practices are put in place to keep you safe.” 

Styling and Blow Dry Services


In addition to these social distancing practices, another major change you may notice is that salons are temporarily doing away with their blow-drying services. “It's important to understand that you may not receive a blow dry from your stylist at your first appointment back at the salon for one of two reasons,” says Evans. “Either the state is not allowing it, therefore it is completely out of your stylist's hands, or your stylist is working through a backlog of clients and they are going to need to eliminate blow dry services in order to catch back up.” The good news, he says? “Either way, your roots will be touched up and taken care of!” 

Keep in mind that though these practices may feel different at first, they’ve been put in place as a means of keeping you safe—while ensuring you can still get your hair done (and don’t have to keep staring at those overgrown gray roots every time you look in the mirror). If you’re nervous about seeing your stylist, call ahead to see what changes they’ve made or even consider having a virtual consultation with your stylist via Facetime or video chat. 

How To Prep Your Hair For Your First Visit Back To The Salon

Are you getting ready to book your salon visit? Get your hair prepped and ready for your first trip back to see your stylist. With the products below, you can make sure your hair is healthy, nourished and ready for your salon appointment.

Detox Hair Cleansing Cream


If you haven’t been diligent about cleansing your hair and scalp during quarantine, Redken Detox Hair Cleansing Cream clarifying shampoo will give your hair a deep cleanse ahead of your appointment. In a single wash, it instantly removes product buildup, hard water minerals, and pollution residue. It strengthens strands while it purifies, and will leave your hair looking shiny and healthy. 

Extreme CAT Leave In Treatment


Chances are, your hair has had a nice break from chemical treatments these last few months, so you’ll want to get it as strong as possible before you go back into the salon for a hair color service.  Redken Extreme CAT Anti-Damage Protein Reconstructing Treatment is a rinse off treatment that delivers three-dimensional repair to your hair with a combination of proteins, ceramides, and lipids. It helps provide internal strength to your strands while reinforcing the hair cuticle and forming a protective resurfacing, which makes it the perfect product for prepping hair before hair color and highlighting services to prevent future damage.