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3 Must-Have Products For Shiny Hair

December 08, 2020
Tags : hair styling

Healthy, shiny hair can help you look and feel your best. And if you’re looking to add luminous shine to your strands, there are a few key products and services that can provide instant shine and a glossy finish.

Get Shiny Hair With Shades EQ Hair Gloss


When it comes to creating shiny, beautiful hair, a hair gloss service is one of the best and easiest ways to guarantee a high-shine finish. A hair gloss is a quick 20-minute hair color service during which your stylist will apply a demi-permanent hair gloss, such as Redken Shades EQ gloss. A hair gloss helps to seal your hair cuticle which creates a smooth surface and ensures ultimate light reflection. This gives your hair an instant and radiant shine boost.

Lock in Moisture With Redken Oil For All Hair Oil


Once you’ve received your hair gloss, you can prolong and enhance your hair’s shine with the right styling regimen. A must-have for shiny hair is Redken Oil For All. Redken Oil For All is a lightweight multi-benefit hair oil that works on all hair types and textures to lock in moisture and provide instant shine.

Add Glass-Like Shine With Redken Shine Flash

Redken 2020 Shine Flash Social Post 13

If you’re looking to take your shiny hair to the next level, Redken Shine Flash Glass-Like Shine Spray will be your new go-to. This lightweight shine spray provides instant shine without feeling greasy, to give you the ultimate “glass hair” end result.

Tags : hair styling


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