6 Best Hair Hacks From Redken Global Artistic Ambassador Sam Villa

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Whether you’re going through a hair slump or want to experiment with a new look, adding a hair hack or two to your arsenal can help you change things up. We’ve rounded up the best tips straight from Redken’s Global Artistic Ambassador Sam Villa to get your hair looking amazing in no time. 

1. Hairspray Without The Crunch

A versatile styling product like hairspray is useful for many reasons, but nobody likes the side effect of crunchy hair. To prevent this when working with a strong-hold hairspray, Villa recommends spraying the product on your hands or a makeup brush first, then applying it to your hair. This hack helps the hairspray feel less sticky and crunchy on your hair and gives you more control over exactly where you want the hairspray to go. Alternatively, if flyaways are a concern, spray hairspray on a toothbrush and use it to smooth them down without messing up the rest of your hair.

2. Get Sleek Hair

Add sleekness to your hair by using a volumizing spray foam mousse. Separate your hair into a diagonal forward section to create a deep side part, then spray mousse over this piece of hair. Instead of combing through the hair, hold the tail end of a rat tail comb horizontally at the roots. Press it down against your head and slowly move the comb down the entire section to slick down the hair. Tuck the ends behind your ear and use a bobby pin to hold the hair in place. When you finish, bring the rest of your hair forward to create a smooth asymmetrical look.

3. Create Texture

To give your hair a cool, model-off-duty look, Villa recommends adding some tousled texture  by using a chamois cloth. Start by spraying a chamois cloth with Wax Blast, then sweep it over any section where you want to rough up your hair to create a messy textured look.    

4. Give Bobby Pins Grip

Hate the feeling of having hair constantly in your face? Pull it back with this easy bobby pin trick. Grab two sections of hair above each ear and clip them to the back of your head. Spray a bobby pin with Triple Take 32 hairspray to give the pins extra grip. Remove the clip to release a section of hair, then insert a bobby pin diagonally against the back of your head. Insert a second bobby pin diagonally to secure the other section. Finish by placing a bobby pin across the top to form a triangle.

5. Heatless Curls With A Straw

heatless curls hairspray sam villa hair hacks redken

Give heat damaged hair a break with this curling hack that uses a straw. Starting on dry hair,  grab a random section of hair and spray it with Fashion Work 12. Hold up a straw vertically, wrap your hair around it, then slide the hair down to the bottom of the straw and tie both ends together. Repeat this technique throughout your hair. When you finish, untie the straws, pull them out of your hair and shake out the curls with your hands. Keep in mind that the smaller the section of hair is, the tighter your curl will be.

6. Create Effortless Waves

For loose, flat, glam waves, grab a section of hair and bend it to form a C-shape. Then, take a flat iron and tap it throughout the C-shaped section to create a loose wave. Repeat the technique until you complete your entire head.

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