7 Reasons You Might Be Having A Bad Hair Day & How To Fix It


Bad hair days can happen to good people. Instead of trudging through the workday with lifeless locks or tons of frizz, use your best beauty products to tame your mane once and for all. Here are seven reasons that you might be having a bad hair day and how to recover.

The Struggle: “My Hair Is So Flat And Boring!” 

The Solution: Turn To Texture.

Flat hair can be the worst. From limp to lifeless, sometimes our hair can be totally unreasonable. If you need an instant styling boost, turn to a texturizing spray to help perk up your roots and give your hair a sexy model-off-duty vibe. For longer-lasting results, reach for a texture-enhancing haircare regimen to give your hair some serious body. By using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner, you can help give your locks the lift they need without any additional styling (read: teasing) to your hair.

The Struggle: "My Dry Shampoo Isn’t Working. SOS!"

The Solution: Perfect Your Technique.

We’ve all been there: Spraying gallons of dry shampoo onto our roots in hopes of miraculously salvaging our hairstyle. You may have noticed this method doesn’t always work. When it comes to using dry shampoo, the fastest way to a refreshed scalp is by spraying the product in small sections throughout your roots, waiting 30 seconds for the product to work its magic, and then combing the product through with a brush. You’re using less and getting more out of your dry shampoo. You can thank us later.

The Struggle: "My Hair is 20% Dry Shampoo, 80% Frizz"

The Solution: Fight Back On Frizz.

Truth be told, sometimes your hair just gives up. You wake up in the morning expecting gorgeous, flowing locks and instead are greeted with a mishmash of knots and frizz. Rather than turning to your OG topknot, try a frizz-fighting serum instead. These help to moisturize and detangle hair while adding manageability and shine to hair. It’s an easy fix for a frizzy hair day.

The Struggle: "My Hair Just Looks So Dull."

The Solution: Enhance What You Have.

Despite our best intentions, sometimes haircolor can just look dull or faded. For days when your hair is looking lackluster, use a shine-enhancing spray to add some luster back to your look. Simply spray your ends for a quick pick-me-up or use on dry hair after heat styling for an added “wow” factor.

The Struggle: "My Curls Aren’t That Bouncy."

The Solution: Get (Re)Active.

Despite what you see on TV, curls aren’t always big and full of bounce. Instead, there are days when the texture of your hair can be totally bland. To give your curl extra oomph, try using a curl reactivating spray. Used on either dry or damp hair, this spray helps revitalize the curl and bring it back to bouncier times.

The Struggle: "I Had Zero Time To Style It This Morning."

The Solution Fake It 'Til You Make It.

For those who love to hit the snooze button (guilty), you need to get a texturizing dry finishing spray in your life. These lightweight hairsprays are essential for the days you can’t be bothered with actually styling your hair, but you still want to look totally chic. To get the ultimate model-off-duty look, start by spraying it through your ends for a windblown effect. If you need a little boost at the roots, flip your hair over and spray throughout for an added lift. Voila – it-girl hair in less than five seconds.

The Struggle: "My Braid/Updo/General Hairstyle Keeps Falling Out Of Place."

The Solution: Plan.

Misbehaving braid or a shriveling updo? Keep your style in check by prepping your hair before you even think about reaching for a bobby pin. By using a mattifying hair powder before creating an intricate hairstyle, you can actually give your hair extra grip and grit that allows the hair to stay in place as you work. For girls with fine hair or locks that are hard-to-style, it’s a must-have in your beauty kit.

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