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8 Products You Need to Create Almost Any Quick & Easy Hairstyle

February 10, 2017

You’ve made a commitment, and you’re going to stick to it: this is the year you’re going to experiment with different hair styles. But where do you start? Look no further than these eight products, which will give you endless looks during styling time; plus, they are all quick and easy hairstyles! The perfect way to ease into your new hairstyle goals.

1. Triple Take 32 High-Hold Hairspray

Even simple hairstyles benefit from some style insurance, which is why it’s wise to finish looks with this all-day hairspray. Each spritz of Triple Take 32 High-Hold Hairspray releases a fine, fast-drying mist that locks in styles for twenty-four hours. With a coating of this spray, looks remain humidity-resistant and hair feels soft, not crunchy.

See how Redken's own Global Creative Director Guido used Triple Take 32 to give Sara Cummings’s short hair the highest hold with no crunch here.

2. Wax Blast 10 Texturizing Wax Spray

Let this lightweight wax assist you when mastering the effortlessly sexy, tousled look or beachy waves. Simply spritz Wax Blast 10 texturizing spary onto damp or dry hair and scrunch as you go to add body and dimension with a natural-looking satin-matte finish.

3. Control Addict 28 Extra High-Hold Spray

Sometimes you need a hairspray with hold that would leave hair feeling too stiff. Control Addict 28 holds hair firmly in place for 24 hours while leaving hair brushable and flake-free. Spritz it onto hairstyles that need firm, locked-in style and humidity resistance.

4. Rough Paste 12 Working Material

Turn to this long-lasting, pliable hair paste when doing quick and easy hairstyles that are noticeably edgy, too. Rough Paste 12 excels at giving hair a ragged or piecey look and is perfect for separating bangs at the ends, shaping short hair (since it gives you a ton of control), adding texture or providing secure hold for updos. Rub a small amount of it between your palms, work the product into your hair, avoiding the roots, and then use your hands to create texture, movement or separation.

See how Redken used Rough Paste 12 to give Sara Cummings a piecey, undone texture here.

5. Full Frame 07 All Over Volumizing Mousse

If big hair, defined curls or waves, or all-over movement is your ultimate hair goal, this airy mousse is your go-to. Not only that, but Full Frame 07 moisturizes strands, gives hair humidity resistance and protects against heat. To use, dispense a dollop onto your palms and then apply the product throughout your hair for touchable, tousled texture. For even more volume, apply the mousse on damp hair and then blow dry.

6. Guts 10 Root Volumizing Spray Foam

This mousse-hairspray hybrid instantly inflates roots and adds texture by dispensing a mist of foam to small sections of hair at a time. Use Guts 10 Root Volumizing Spray Foam to promote body in simple hairstyles or to provide volume and hold in updos or braids. It can also be applied to hair to smooth flyaways. Mist it onto your hands or spray directly onto your hair, targeting the roots. Follow it up with a blow dry for extra volume.

Redken demonstrates how to use Guts 10 to create the ultimate root lift, as worn by Sara Cummings.

7. Rewind 06 Pliable Styling Paste

When sculpting everything from quick and easy hairstyles to more complex looks, this lightweight hair paste will be your best friend. Rewind 06 makes hair easier to shape, mold or twist to your liking, since it leaves hair in a flexible, reworkable state, and is particularly handy with sleek styles due to its moist-looking finish. Use it to shape or smooth hair of any length, define the ends of a blunt bob or gather rebellious hairs into a new or deeper side part. To apply, scoop up a small amount and rub it between your palms. Then work the product through damp or dry hair to form versatile hairstyles that can easily be deconstructed.

8. Iron Shape 11 Thermal Finishing Spray

For curly, wavy or straight looks created via heat styling tools, a thermal spray or heat protectant should be a staple in your styling product stash—because there’s no point in experimenting with different hairstyles if you burn your hair in the process. Iron Shape 11 Thermal Finishing Spray is perfect to use with curling wands or flat irons up to 450 degrees, since it protects hair, adds shine, reduces frizz and helps styles last longer. Just spritz the lightweight, non-sticky formula onto wet or dry hair before styling.

See how Redken’s latest Muse Sara Cummings uses Iron Shape 11 to pull off a stick-straight bob with fringe here.

Ready to build your styling product arsenal? Find out where you can purchase these products by checking out Redken's Salon Finder and locating the nearest Redken salon.

And don’t forget to take our Hair Diagnostic Tool quiz to help you find the right products for your hair type and your hair concerns.

Happy styling!



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