Easy Half Up Half Down Hairstyles To Try This Spring

Half Up Half Down Style THUMB

Kiss winter goodbye, and say hello to a gorgeous new hairstyle. Whether you’re attending a formal event, enjoying a warm weather hangout with friends, or just looking for a fresh new style to sport in the office, get inspired with this set of gorgeous half up half down hairstyles. From understated to elegant, this versatile look is the perfect way to make a statement at all of your springtime events.  

Bubble Braid Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

This half up half down hairstyle combines bohemian cool and a touch of glamour. To get this look at home, begin by creating two French braids, keeping the hair close to your head so that your braids lay flat. Secure your braids with an elastic to create a ponytail. Moving 3-4 inches down the ponytail (depending on the length of your hair), tie another elastic and gently pull hair from the first elastic. This will create a bubble effect. Continue this technique as you move down your ponytail. Finish your look with a jeweled hair accessory.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle With Bow

Adding a bow or hair ribbon to your half up half down hairstyle is an easy way to bring a touch of playfulness and personality to your look. For this hairstyle, start by lightly curling the hair with a 1.25" curling iron and mist with Redken's Triple Dry 15 dry texture finishing spray for airy texture. Bring two small sections of hair together and secure with a hair elastic. Finish your look by securing your bow over the elastic. 

Romantic Knot Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Whether you’re heading to a springtime wedding or just looking for a new way to revamp your everyday look, this romantic half up half down hairstyle adds a whimsical, feminine touch. To get the look, mist hair with Iron Shape 11 for added heat protection and curl hair in sections using a 1.25" curling iron. Take sections from the left and right sides to tie in a figure 8 knot. Secure the knot with a few bobby pins and finish with Fashion Work 12 flexible hold hairspray.

Sleek Half Up Half Down Hairstyle With Braid

This high shine, half up half down hairstyle with a braid inspires some major #hairenvy and can be created in a few simple steps! Start by curling the hair using a 1.25" curling iron. When you’re finished curling, comb the curls out using your fingers for a loose, soft look. Section the hair out into a half up half down hairstyle, creating a simple 3-strand braid. Pinch and pull pieces of the braid to create fullness. Finish the look with Triple Dry 15 for airy texture!