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Hair 101: 5 Things To Know Before Getting Bangs

February 22, 2017

We’ve all been there—staring at ourselves in the mirror, fussing with our hair and wondering, "Should I get bangs?" We take section after section of our strands and drape them across our foreheads pretending to have flawless blunt bangs or chic wispy fringe. Well, it’s time to step away from the mirror and turn to the one person who knows your hair best—your stylist.

As any stylist will tell you, the type of bang hairstyle you should get really depends on you and your everyday routine. From how much you exercise to how long you plan to style your new ‘do all factors into the type of bang hairstyle that is best for you. Wondering what you should be considering? Here are a few factors to keep in mind when getting bangs according to Redken experts.

1. The Bang Maintenance Factor

Redken muse and model, Soo Joo Park models shiny platinum blonde hair and side swept bangs. Photo Credit: @redken

An area that many tend to overlook when beginning their bang journey is maintenance, Redken Education Artist Director and hairstyling master, Sam Villa points out. Whether your blunt bangs aren’t looking so blunt or your side bangs seem to have a mind of their own, daily styling and regular trims are often needed for those with bangs. Next time you chat with your stylist, see what type of hairstyles, products, and scheduling is needed for your desired fringe type.

2. The Bang Texture Factor

Redken muse and model, Chloe Norgaard shows off her vivid haircolor by City Beats.Photo Credit: @redken

When it comes to finding your perfect bang style keep your hair’s natural texture in mind. Not all hair textures pair perfectly with every bang style, so be sure to chat with your stylist to see what options would work best for you. For instance, those with curly hair should steer clear of razor-cut bangs as this can cause the hair to look frizzy.

3. The Individuality Factor

Redken muse, Jetta shows off her curly hair and textured bangs. Photo Credit: @redken

Everyone has a little something that makes their hair and head shape different. Some of us have widow’s peaks, while others have dramatic cowlicks. These different factors determine how certain bang shapes will fall on certain people. For instance, if someone has a cowlick right at their hairline, side bangs may not want to swoop to your desired side. Don’t be deterred—work with your stylist to decide what other shapes will work with your unique set of strands.

4. The Lifestyle Factor

Model with bright blonde hair and blunt bangsPhoto Credit: @justbhair

For Redken Artist, Sarah Bramham, one of the biggest factors for helping a client decide on a bang type is their lifestyle. “I love to explain how a certain shape fringe will complement them, but mostly a client’s lifestyle will be my determining factor. For example, if she works out a lot and can’t stand hair in her face, fringe may not be for her.” As this is a factor that is really going to differ from person-to-person, it’s best to chat with your stylist to see what will work best for you.

5. The Photo Factor

Bangs are the perfect addition to your next selfie.Photo Credit: @redken

One of the best ways to ensure that you get the absolute best bang hairstyle for you is to bring along photos of what you do and don’t want to your appointment. Not feeling the big, poufy bangs of the ‘80s? Show that to your stylist. Don’t want to look like your old Myspace photos either? Show them that too. By having a clear idea of what type of bangs you’re looking for, your stylist can help tailor that particular style to you.

Have more questions? Check out Redken’s Salon Finder to discover the nearest stylist who can answer all of your fringe-related questions.



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