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Halloween Hair Ideas: How to Create Hairstyles from the 70s, 80s, 90s & 2000s

BY THE REDKEN TEAM October 20, 2021
Tags : hair styling

Halloween is the perfect time to bring back our most beloved hairstyles from the past. These 1970's, 1980's, 1990's and 2000's themed hairstyles will leave you feeling nostalgic (Hello, Crimper, old friend!) and looking Halloween-hair ready. So, whether you're striving for a 70's Disco Diva, 80's Rocker, 90's Cali Girl, or 2000's Pop Princess, we have you covered. Learn how to create these throwback looks at home and transport yourself to another decade. 

1970's Disco Diva Curly Hairstyle

Redken 2018 Halloween Blog 1970s.jpg   

Create a glamorous 1970's inspired Disco Diva curl hairstyle that will leave you feeling groovy all night long. Tips for these perfect curls? Use a medium-hold hairspray first and follow up with a high-hold hairspray on your brush before brushing out those curls. As always, don't forget the heat protection first.

1980's Pop Rocker Hairstyle

Redken 2018 Halloween Blog 1980s.jpg   

There is nothing quite like the 1980's rocker look, and we're here for it. Become the rocker of your dreams with this 80's inspired hairstyle, complete with a pop star bow. Key ingredients for volume? Lots of mousse and a high hold hairspray to lock your look in place, no matter what your night holds.

1990's Butterfly Clip Hairstyle

Redken 2018 Halloween Blog 1990s.jpg   

Do the 90's have a more iconic look than the Butterfly Clip? As if! Get this Cali Girl inspired 90's hairstyle in minutes. Use some paste to keep your locks looking sleek and grab your favorite retro butterfly clips to complete the look. BRB, seeing if I can dig up my old collection. 

2000's Pop Princess Hairstyle

Redken 2018 Halloween Blog 2000s.jpg   

Whether you're emulating Christina or Britney or an underground 2000's icon, spice up your Halloween look with the perfect Pop Princess hair.  From pink streaks to the perfect crimp, we're getting serious genie-in-a-bottle vibes from this one. From teasing to crimping, learn how to create the pop star hair of your dreams.

Looking for more Halloween Decade-inspired hairstyles and costumes?

Checkout out what our friends over at Hair.com along with Redken Artist Jackie Litscher have brewed up. From this Halloween Hippie with braided flower crown hair to their very own Disco Dancing Queen with a step-by-step on creating voluminous ringlets, they keep the decade looks coming.

Tags : hair styling


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