Halloween Hairstyles: Ideas & Inspiration for Costumes & More



Halloween is the best day of the year for beauty lovers! Let your creative juices flow and find the perfect hairstyle for your look. Whether you're looking for a specific style to accompany your costume or need some inspiration for a last minute party, we've got you covered. From your favorite big-screen heroine to an elevated sexy cat costume, browse for inspiration and how-to tips for each style below.

Looking for more festive Halloween hairstyles? Read 'til the end for Halloween inspired looks created by some of our favorite stylists. 

Skeleton Hand Hair Clips

Add the perfect touch to your fall ready hair and instantly boost your Halloween spirit with these spooky skeleton hair clips. Denise Suzanne created this beautifully styled hair with Redken's newest blowout products—Quick Blowout Primer and Big Blowout Jelly—and held the waves in place with the festive clips.

To achieve hair this shiny and healthy, Denise treats hair with the Acidic Bonding Concentrate line and primes hair with Oil for All.


Spider Web Tinsel Ponytail

This spider web tinsel ponytail works whether you're rocking witchy vibes or just want to add a little fun to your look. Redken artist Karla Valenzuela created cobwebbed ponytail with a few of her favorite products. Starting with Iron Shape 11 for heat protection, Karla heroes Guts 10 Root Volumizing Spray to get maximum volume out of this ponytail. Be sure to finish the look off with Fashion Works 12 or a higher hold hairspray if needed.

Head over to her Instagram for a full breakdown.



Spider Web Bubble Ponytail

A darker take on the blonde tinsel pony, this spooky bubble ponytail offers a different kind of witchy vibe. Complete with the same spider web and spider as the above look, this look is perfect for those looking to rock a high pony. Just like above, Karla used Guts 10 Fashion Works 12 and Tripe Take 32 high hold hairspray. Be sure to tag Karla and Redken if you give this look a go!


Have you created your own Halloween inspired hairstyle? Tag @Redken on Instragram so we can share your looks for more inspiration!

Mermaid Hair

Mermiad NYX makeup

All you need to complete this wavy mermaid look is a jewel crown of your choosing.

1) Spray Iron Shape 22 throughout hair prior to curling hair for heat protection. Curl full head.
2) Use your fingers to brush through your curls before spraying the ends with Wax Blast 10 for some piecey texture.
3) Rub a couple drops of Glow Dry Oil between your palms and use to smooth away any flyaways.
4) Finish your Mermaid Hairstyle with a jewel crown. 

For the complete rainbow treatment, visit a salon near you to achieve this pastel perfection.




This bobbed hair is the definitive feminine style from the 1920's that became synonymous with independence. Throw it back this Halloween with your best flapper dress, complete with this iconic hairstyle.

1) Start by creating a rounded horse shoe shaped section.
2) Back comb the entire bottom section, then smooth and secure in an elastic at the end of the hair. Roll the tied section up and under, securing in place with bobby pins.
3) Spritz Hot Sets Thermal Setting Mist on 2-inch sections and wrap around around a small iron.
4) Once cooled, gently comb curls. Loosely pin up curls to create bob effect, setting the style with Quick Dry 18 Instant Finishing Spray.

Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride

Become the ghost bride of your dreams with this hauntingly beautiful costume. Apart from the pale makeup and gorgeous dress, all you need to complete the look is this slightly disheveled teased hairstyle. 

1) Start by curling throughout the head with a 1 ¼ curling iron, setting curls with Hot Sets 22.
2) Brush curls out with fingers and apply Quick Tease 15.
3) Starting at the bottom of each curl, pinch and pull up in a teasing motion
4) Repeat this technique all over hair while applying powder grip for added texture


Dragon Queen Dutch Braids


Whether you're not quite over Khaleesi or are looking to emulate her Dutch braids for another costume, this hairstyle has many uses this Halloween.


1) Distribute Rough Paste 12 throughout the hair.
2) With a center part, create a 3 strand Dutch braid high on top of the head only feeding hair into the top section. Repeat on other side.
3) Create a second Dutch braid underneath the top braid, repeating the same steps.
4) Secure the top 2 braids with an elastic, and secure the bottom 2 braids just below.
5) Spritz Iron Shape 11 and wrap bottom hair around a 2-inch curling iron for a soft curl.
6) Lock in the style with Triple Take 32 hairspray.


Superhero Ponytail Braid


Up your Wonder Woman costume with this action ready braid. Follow these steps to secure your super hero braid and keep of your hair out of your face all night long.


1) Take a triangle section on the top of the head, twist and push forward. Secure with a bobby pin.
2) Prep hair with Rough Paste 12.
3) Create a three strand Dutch braid all the way down to neck and secure with an elastic hairband.
4) Add more Rough Paste 12 before creating the infinity braid with loose hair and secure with elastic hairband.
5) Lock in style for this Superhero "I Mean Business" Braid with Control Addict 28.


Cat Costume Hairstyle

Animal Kingdom

Whether you're dressing up as Catwoman or throwing together a last minute sexy cat costume, this hairstyle is perfect for you.


1) Start with applying  Pillow Proof Primer Spray and  Guts 10 Spray Foam for added all-over volume. Blow out hair for a voluminous blow out.
2) Create a middle part to split the sections of hair down the center and wrap both sections separately into two high buns.
3) With a curling iron, curl hair in small 1″ sections. The smaller the section, the tighter the curl and the tighter the curl, the bigger the hair! On the ends, use your fingers to separate the curls and loosen it all up.
4) Flip hair over and shake the curls out until the sectioned curls are no longer visible.
5) Back comb/tease the under layers of hair creating volume.
6) Use Quick Dry 18 Instant Finishing Spray for hold and Powder Grip 03 Mattifying Hair Powder for big sexy hair.


Unicorn Hair


Whether you're going all out with rainbow hair or using your current shade, this unicorn ready hairstyle is sure to impress. 


1) Create triangle section all the way back to the crown, secure with elastic. Leave out front 2 sections from the ear forward. Take the rest of the hair in the back and secure with elastic creating a high pony tail.
2) Back comb the top pony tail and wrap around clockwise to create your unicorn horn and secure with Bobby pin.
3) Push back the sides and work in Rough Paste 12.
4) Brush back 2 side sections and wrap around the base of the 2nd pony tail, secure with Bobby pin.
5) Lock in style with Control Addict 28.