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Heatless Hairstyles That Won't Fade Your Haircolor

March 14, 2017

Forget what you heard—gorgeous hair doesn’t require a hot tool. In fact, you can preserve your haircolor much longer by ditching your hot tools in favor of heatless hairstyles. From braids to updos and everything in-between, there are several heatless hairstyles that won’t fade your haircolor. Wonder what heatless hairstyles you should be trying? Here are 11 heatless hairstyles that won’t fade your haircolor.

1. Half-Up Knot Hairstyle

Redken muse, model and DJ, Amber Le BonPhoto Credit: @chialamarvici

Give your hair the break it needs with this easy half-up style à la Redken Muse Amber Le Bon. Create the look by securing the top portion of your hair into a mini-topknot and leave the rest hanging for an easy, bohemian style. Amplify the look of your ends by misting a texturizing spray throughout for a beachy, windblown look.

2. Sleek Side Ponytail

Redken muse, model and trendsetter, Soo Joo ParkPhoto Credit: @redken5thave

Channel Redken Muse Soo Joo Park with this sleek, modern hairstyle. Make your look gleam by finishing with a shine spray.

3. Textured French Braid

Textured braid created by Redken Global Creative Director, Guido PalauPhoto Credit: @redken5thave

Roughen up the classic French braid by adding messy texture. By pulling the edges or sides of the braid, you can create a thicker looking hairstyle without adding any product or teasing the hair. It’s that easy.

4. Braided Side Bun

Braided side bun created by Redken Global Creative Director, Guido PalauPhoto Credit: @redken

For the days that your hair just isn’t cooperating, try braiding it into low side buns. Start by splitting the hair into two large sections, braiding each, and then twisting into spirals at the nape of your neck. Use bobby pins to secure.

5. Inverted Low Bun Hairstyle

Model with black hair and inverted low bunPhoto Credit: @chialamarvici

Love this look created by Redken Artist Chiala Marvici? Get it by smoothing the hair with a blow-dry gel along the roots and a strong-hold hair gel on the ends for a sleek finish. Once the hair is prepped, create a traditional low ponytail. Next, twist the ends until they buckle in on themselves and rotate the ends upward. Secure your runway-ready hairstyle with an elastic.

6. Voluminous Fishtail Braid

Big, voluminous fishtail braid created by Redken Artist, Fabio Manuel OliveiraPhoto Credit: @Fabio_blue

Volume knows no bounds with this fishtail braid. Recreate the look by gently backcombing the strands for volume and texture. Next, twist the strands into a fishtail braid and secure with an elastic. To get even more volume, gently pull the sides of the braid outward to create a visibly thicker style.

7. Twisted Crown French Braid

Twisted crown braid hairstyle created by Redken Artist, Fabio Manuel OliveiraPhoto Credit: @Fabio_blue

Noticing a bit of root regrowth? Hide it instantly with a crown braid! Create this style by moving all of your hair to one side of your head. Next, take three small pieces starting at your hairline and begin to braid a traditional three-strand braid (aka the braid you learned in high school). Once you have gotten about an inch into your braid, begin to French braid your hairline. Not sure how to French braid?

Well, the only thing that makes it different from a traditional three-strand braid is that you’ll be adding in small pieces of hair to the hair you’re already braiding. Basically, as you go, grab a small section, join it with one of your three main sections, and continue this method all the way around you head until all of your hair has been braided.

Pro tip: Once you reach the nape of your neck, move the remaining hair to the other side of your neck where it would naturally fall. This makes it much easier to braid moving forward.

After all of your strands are braided, secure the style with bobby pins and finish with hairspray.

8. French Braided Ponytail

Braided ponytail hairstyle that is perfect for the gym. Photo Credit: @felicianogferreira

Head to the gym in style with this dimensional ponytail. Start by French braiding two small side sections on both sides of the head working upward. Once you’ve reached the top of your head, gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail and secure with an elastic.

9. French Halo Braid

Elegant updo hairstyle created by Redken Artist, George NorwoodPhoto Credit: @felicianogferreira

For this elegant hairstyle, start by dividing the hair into two sections. Once the hair is parted, Dutch braid each section. Once the braids get to the nape of the neck, combine the ends to make one continuous braid and tuck underneath the hair. Secure with plenty of bobby pins for a long-lasting style.

10. Double Buns Haistyle

Hairstyle with two high messy bunsPhoto Credit: @hairbymel_alley

Channel your playful side with this quirky hairstyle. Simply create two topknots near the crown and secure with elastics.

11. Peek-A-Boo French Braid Ponytail

Intricate braided hairstylePhoto Credit: @locksbyj

Upgrade your traditional high ponytail by braiding the underneath sections of your hair. The trick? Just flip your head over and braid from the nape of the neck up. It’s a cool and easy way to upgrade your everyday ponytail.

Need more hair inspiration? Turn to Redken’s YouTube channel for more heatless hairstyles that won’t fade your haircolor.



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