How To Create a Romantic Braid Hair Style For Valentine's Day

Valentines DAY Hairstyle_480x361

Looking for a cute hair style for Valentine's Day? Read on to learn how you can create a romantic braid hair style in a few simple steps!

How To Get This Look For Valentine's Day

    • Apply Deep Clean Dry Shampoo at your roots for grip, control, and volume. 
    • Apply Oil for All to hands and work through hair for shiny, frizz-free strands! 
    • Part hair down the middle and create two Dutch braids. Continue braiding to the nape of the neck. 
    • Combine both braids into a ponytail at the base of neck. 
    • Using Rough Paste 12, gently pull apart the braids for added fullness.
    • Add your favorite scarf to accessorize the hair style for a more romantic look!