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How To Get The Perfect Selfie Hairstyle In Just 7 Easy Steps

March 14, 2017

In a world of selfies and snaps, no one has time to struggle with boring, lifeless hairstyles. Make your photos even more fabulous by creating a selfie-worthy hairstyle. (No, this doesn’t mean adding tons of filters.) Wondering what hairstyle we’re talking about? Well, as any Instagram beauty guru can tell you, textured, glossy waves are a staple on social media. You almost can’t open your news feed without seeing a photo of this signature, perfect selfie hairstyle. It’s a model-off-duty look that almost any hair type can pull off. The best part? Recreating it couldn’t be easier.

This natural-looking style relies on lots of texture and dimension, so it’s okay not to have perfect technique. In fact, it’s encouraged to get creative with your curling. This style practically begs for a variety of bends and waves, so feel free to have fun with your curling patterns and texture styles. It’s all about creating a look that enhances your own hair type and steps up your selfie game a notch or three! Want to create this signature selfie hairstyle yourself? Here are seven tips to create soft, textured waves that are perfect for your next post.

1. Start With A Gloss

Model with shiny brunette hair and black sweaterPhoto Credit: @redken

Enhancing your hair’s natural shine doesn’t have to come from a filter. Get selfie-worthy shine by asking your stylist for a Shades EQ Gloss service. This gentle demi-permanent haircolor will boost your hair’s natural hue while adding glossy shine. It’s a 20-minute service that’s done in-salon to help boost the look of your haircolor, while adding vibrancy and shine to your strands. What else could you ask for in a hair service?

2. Heat Up Your Style

Blonde model with wavy hairstyle and sunglassesPhoto Credit: @headcasehair

Don’t wake up with flawlessly tousled waves? Neither do the rest of us. For the days that your hair is looking less than stellar, grab a hot tool like a curling wand to create easy undone waves.

Keep things from looking too perfect and styled by mixing up the size of sections you use when curling. For instance, try grabbing larger sections of hair below your ears and near the nape of your neck for added volume and smaller sections toward the top for greater definition. By using different size sections, you can create effortless, more natural looking waves.

3. Use Different Curling Irons

Model with blonde hair and natural looking curlsPhoto Credit: @emveesalon

Another trick for creating perfectly tousled hair is by using two different types of curling irons when curling your strands. For instance, you can use a smaller, more pointed curling wand for tighter spirals and a larger, more cylindrical iron for looser waves. When used together, these two irons can help you create very natural, mermaid-like curls.

4. Add Beachy Texture

Redken muse, model and DJ, Amber Le BonPhoto Credit: @redken

An essential part of selfie-worthy strands is that messy, effortless texture. Give your waves more grit and dimension by using Beach Envy Wave Aid on damp strands. Simply spritz throughout your ends while it’s damp and scrunch upward to enhance your hair’s natural texture. If you want even more texture post-styling, spray the product throughout your curls for added dimension.

5. Blow Them Away With Windblown Style

Model with ombre hair color and black t-shirtPhoto Credit: @thelfashion

Love the look of your hair after coming in on a windy day? Use Wind Blown 05 Dry Finishing Spray. This volumizing and texturizing dry hairspray creates an airy texture and windswept effect.

For added volume and grip when styling, spray the product throughout your strands when they’re slightly damp and then blow-dry your strands like normal. The spray will help to create more volume to the hair, while giving your strands added texture and hold.

6. Accessorize

Blonde model with purple flower barrettePhoto Credit: @redken

Nothing steps up your hair game quite like a good accessory. Take your strands to the next level by donning cool-girl accessories like metallic chain headpieces or edgy, fashion-forward barrettes. Both are guaranteed to give your style some extra selfie appeal.

7. Pump Up Your Roots

Blonde model and model with black hair sit on steps wearing all black clothingPhoto Credit: @redken

Roots looking a bit lackluster? Pump them up by gently backcombing the top sections of your hair. Start by taking a section of hair, pulling it taught and combing the hair backward toward your scalp. Once the hair section has just the right amount of volume, move on to the next. After your roots have gained some new height, smooth the top sections of the your hair for a more polished look.

Voilà – gorgeous, selfie-ready, shiny hair! No filter needed.

Wondering what other hairstyles look perfect in a selfie? Check out the Redken look book for more hair inspiration.



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