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Videos: How to Make a Wig & Keep it Beautiful

September 24, 2018

Wigs are a great way to mix up your look without a huge commitment. Whether you're looking for a fun Halloween hairstyle or something for day-to-day, there is a wig for you. But did you know making your own wig isn't that hard? You can personalize the wig to your exact needs by following the steps below to make your own. Or if you opt for one from a store, see our tricks for keeping the wig beautiful by using a steamer!

How to Make a Wig: Video Step-by-Step

To make a wig, you'll need to gather the following supplies:

1) hair cap / wrap
2) 3 different lengths of hair extensions
3) super hair bond glue
4) blow dryer
5) scissors

How to Keep Your Wig Beautiful

Whether you made your own wig or have purchased one, keeping it beautiful is of top priority. All you need is a steamer and a brush meant for wigs!




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