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The 7 Day Updo Hairstyle Challenge

August 24, 2017
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Hair routine feeling stale? It's the perfect time to swap out your hot tools in favor of heatless updo hair styles! 

Although they may look challenging at first, these updos for long hair are actually easy to recreate. They are also great for anyone who wants to give their damaged hair a break or simply wants to switch up their look. With inspiration for every day of the week, we challenge you to incorporate these on-trend updo hairstyles into your next look.

Day 1: Halo Braid Updo

The gorgeous texture of this halo-braid makes it easy to pull off a lived-in look.

Photo Credit: @hairbybrittcochrane

Liven up a typical braid with an unexpected twist! A halo braid updo can instantly appear more polished or lived-in depending on what you’re going for. We’re obsessed with the gorgeous texture of this braid that wraps around the head and gathers loosely in the back. 

1. Start by prepping hair with a styling cream like Braid Aid.
2. Create a middle part and gather a 2 ½ inch section of hair starting at the hairline, then begin French braiding toward your right ear going counter clockwise.
3. Continue by adding more pieces of hair as you go and pin the braid against your head using bobby pins. 

The trick with this look is to soften up the braids by gently pulling them apart so that they can lay flat and wide. 

Day 2: Double Dutch Braids

Thick double dutch braids are one of the biggest summer updos of the season.

Photo Credit: @hairbybrittcochrane

Sweep hair into double Dutch braids to keep yourself cool during sweltering summer heat. 

1. Begin by parting hair down the middle so that it’s divided into two sections and prep using a texturizing hair powder.
2. Starting at the hairline, take three pieces and begin crossing them underneath each other, adding more hair as you work your way down.
3. Once you reach the nape of your neck, secure the braid with an elastic and repeat on the other side.
4. Wrap a small section of hair around the elastic for a sleeker updo and spray the braids with an aerosol wax

Remember, no heat! Spritz a sea-salt spray on any remaining hair that hasn’t been braided to rock your natural texture.

Day 3: Headband Tuck Updo

Weave hair through a headband for an instant stylish updo

Photo Credit: @face2facemakeup

Quick, easy and stylish? Count us in! 

1. Pull hair back using an elastic headband that wraps around your entire head.
2. Starting at the left ear, begin weaving pieces of hair into the headband and continue until your reach the right ear.
3. Secure any loose strands to the headband using a bobby pin.
4. Lock in you headband tuck updo hairstyle using a fast drying hairspray.

Day 4: Braided Bun Updo

Use smaller cross braids to liven up your typical bun.

Photo Credit: @elevenhair and @kornelia9

For a heatless updo bun that’s out of this world, gather hair into a chic braided bun. 

1. Prep hair with a texturizing hair spray to create a windswept effect.
2. Pull two 2-inch pieces of hair to the front.
3. Starting on the right side, gather hair at the crown and French braid going downward, then transition into a normal braid.
4. French braid on the left side so that you’re left with two braids in the front.
5. Move to the back section of hair and braid two sections of hair normally on both sides.
6. Pin the back braids into a bun at the nape of the neck, then add in the front braids.
7. Finish off with a glistening mist to keep hair in place while giving the bun a beautiful sheen.

Day 5: 3-Tiered Pony Updo

Let your ponytail reach new heights with a tiered structure.

Photo Credit: @jorge_joao

An updo that’s sure to turn some heads is this look, which is a far cry from anything traditional. 

1. Section off hair into three tiers starting at the crown moving downward.
2. Secure each section with the accessory of your choice and spritz the hair with a super strength finishing spray

We’re loving the unexpected accent in this updo look using black tape!

Day 6: Sleek Twist Updo

Twist hair into a sleek updo for a beautifully glossy look.

Photo Credit: @chialamarvici

Busy mornings call for an updo that you can pull together in a matter of seconds, like this effortless twist. 

1. Brush hair back into a low pony at the nape of your neck and smooth over any flyaways with a smoothing lotion.
2. Begin by twisting the pony and flip the hair so that it points upward.
3. Secure with an elastic and pull the hair halfway through so that the ends are peeking out.
4. Set hair in place with an anti-humidity spray, for added sleekness and a wet-like finish.

Day 7: Poofy Pony Updo

Tease your ponytail for textured volume that looks flawless.

Photo Credit: @felicianogferreira

This look stands out against the pack for its covetable volume. 

1. To prep hair, begin teasing away starting at the crown with a backcombing spray.
2. Gather hair at the base of the neck and pull hair halfway through to form a bun.
3. Pin the bun to the back of the head, leaving the bottom strands out. 

For extra volume, gently tug at the bun so that it creates a larger poof. Pull a few pieces of hair forward to frame your face.

Looking for more tricks on easy ways to switch up your hairstyle? Check out @Redken for more inspiration and product recommendations.

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