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The End Look: How To Create A Waterfall Braid

July 19, 2017

    The coolest braid you’ll be seeing everywhere this spring is the waterfall braid. Even though this gorgeous style looks super intricate, it can easily become your go-to hairstyle with a little practice

    According to Redken Artist Marco Arena, prepping your hair before you style is key when creating this look. We caught up with him to get his top three styling tips to achieve a waterfall braid—check out his answers below.

    Waterfall Braid Styling Tips

    What’s the key to getting the perfect waterfall braid?

    Redken artist Marco Arena says that the key to a perfect waterfall braid is practice!

    MA: Try to establish a nice rhythm when braiding and do not think so much about it! It is always great to do it with someone else before you practice it on yourself!

    What products do you recommend for creating a waterfall braid?

    Flexible hair pomades are perfect for keeping hair in place.

    MA: My favorite for this braid is Move Ability 05 with a drop of Glow Dry! I mix both in the hand and work it lightly into the hair.

    What tips or tricks would you recommend to someone who is a novice at styling?

    Adding volume and grip can help you as you style your hair.

    MA: I recommend you give the hair some slight movement beforehand and prepare it with a volume product like Aerate 08. It is important the grip is there, but that there are no knots and that the volume is well-armed!

    Waterfall Braid Step-By-Step

    1. Starting at the beginning of your part, take a two-inch section and split it into three pieces.

    2. Grab the middle pieces and place it over the part that is nearest to your ear.

    3. Next, take the piece closest to your temple and weave it under the original middle piece.

    4. From there, drop the section in the middle (keeping the other two parts secure) as you reach for a new one-inch section of hair.

    5. Taking your two original sections, weave the piece that was closest to your temple over the new section and then weave the part that was closest to your ear under the new section. 

    6. Now, drop the middle section.

    7. Continue weaving your two sections both over and under each new section as you move across your head. 

    8. Once you reach the end of your hair, secure with a hair elastic.

    Love this look? Recreate it yourself and tag @Redken to show us your take on a waterfall braid! 


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