Top 9 Spring Hair Trends Inspired By Guido at New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017

NYFW Guido SS2017 Listing

Now that New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017 has come to a complete close, we’re left not just with great memories and cool fashion ideas, but with some innovative spring hairstyles, too.

Thanks to Redken’s Global Creative Director Guido Palau, who were backstage at some of the most highly-anticipated shows of New York Fashion Week, there is a whole slew of new 2017 hair trends we can look forward to. By prepping models to strut on the catwalk with some gorgeous hairstyles, he predicted upcoming street style hair trends in the process.

1. Trend: Love Your Curls, Seen at the Kanye West Spring 2017 Show


Gone are the days of flat ironing straight hair daily or feeling like relaxing your hair is a necessity rather than an option. In the beauty world, there’s been a growing trend toward embracing your natural texture, and at the Kanye West Spring/Summer 2017 show, models’ hair reflected that.

Since all of the models were multi-ethnic, Guido enhanced his models’ textured hair using Redken’s Curvaceous line—a collection of hair products for those of us with waves, curls or ringlets. To prep for styling, hair was gently washed with Curvaceous Low Foam Moisturizing Cleanser, a sulfate-free cleanser that doesn’t strip the scalp of essential oils, and then conditioned. It was followed by a spritz of CCC Spray, a spray gel with Redken’s exclusive Curl Memory complex to define curls, fight frizz and add shine. Access the full step-by-steps here.

2. Trend: Natural, Undone Beauty, Seen at the Akris Spring 2017 Show


Low-maintenance hair routine ladies, rejoice: one of the latest hair trends is all about leaving your hair to do what it naturally does—without a hair clip or other hair accessory in sight.

At the Akris Spring Summer 2017 show, models stomped on the catwalk with undone hair that showed off their individual hairstyles—a subtle statement that goes against the tendency of fashion week hair to be uniform in order to appear cohesive or promote a specific hairstyle.

To bring out the natural texture of the hair, Guido and the Redken fashion week hair team washed models’ hair with Beach Envy Volume Texturizing Shampoo (it contains Filloxane, an ingredient that will make your hair look fuller). To help lock in moisture, they applied a dime-sized amount of Diamond Oil High Shine Mist on wet hair.

To wear this trend, explore your natural texture and keep your hair down. Do away with your blow dryer and get a great cut that’ll show off your natural texture when air-dried, instead. You can also change up your part so your hair will fall naturally. And of course, don’t forget to control frizz so your hair looks its best in its natural state.

3. Trend: Bandanas, Seen at the Baja East Spring 2017 Show


Could this be 2017’s answer to the handkerchief hair trend of the early 2000s? Maybe. At the Baja East Spring Summer 2017 show, models wore bandanas tied across their forehead. The rest of their hair was left undone, and their natural texture was played up, save for the ends—they were purposely given a sweaty-glisten to give the impression that they had just been out all night dancing.

To achieve the Baja East Spring Summer 2017 bandana look, Guido enlisted the help of Beach Envy Volume Texturizing Shampoo to bring out each model’s hair texture. He took a bandana and folded it a few times so it could be tied across the forehead. To attain the “sweaty” look, Diamond Oil High Shine Airy Mist was spritzed on the ends of the hair and worked through the strands for a messy yet glossy vibe.

Wearing a bandana across your head adds a different and undeniable glam-yet-boho hippie vibe to your look—and it’s a great way to hide front-of-the head cowlicks and baby hairs that just won’t stay in place. Access the full step-by-steps here.

4. Trend: Beachy Hair, Seen at the Alexander Wang Spring 2017 Show


This classic, warm-weather, surfer-inspired hairstyle is well-loved season after season. At the Alexander Wang Spring Summer 2017 show, Redken’s Guido created the popular hairstyle, but took it to another level by bleaching some of the models’ hair blonde and giving them new haircuts. Talk about a makeover!

Appropriately-named Fashion Waves 07 Sea Salt Spray was applied to wet hair to give it a dry salty look—completely necessary to make it look as if models had just stepped out of the ocean after spending the day riding some waves (and not rushing around New York City to show after show). Then, some Rough Paste 12 Working Material, a long lasting texturizing hair paste, was worked throughout the ends for a chunky matte feel.

5. Trend: Half Up Hair, Seen at the Tory Burch Spring 2017 Show


Love your hair up and down and can’t make up your mind? Then this trend is for you, and it can be done in a couple of minutes. The face-framing hairstyle gives you the best of both worlds by showing off your hair length and moving pesky trends away from your face. Redken recreated this effortlessly chic hairstyle for the Spring Summer Tory Burch 2017 fashion show—and it paired perfectly with the sophisticated preppy-meets-boho vibe of clothes the models were wearing.

Inspired by the 1960s/early 70s Ali MacGraw east-coast-meets-west-coast-kind-of-girl, Guido created textured half-up hair on all the models. Hair was washed with a volumizing shampoo, and then spritzed with Wind Blown 05 Dry Finishing Spray for added texture. Waves were also added via curling iron before creating a center part and pulling hair into a half-up style, with wisps of hair at the front purposely left out—so simple, feminine and stylish. 

6. Trend: Cool New York Girl Hair, Seen at the Coach Spring 2017 Show


Inspired by the street style of the fearlessly fashionable women of the Big Apple, this look is all about hair with attitude. It’s a bit messy and definitely carefree—one of the more striking new hairstyles in 2017 to look out for.

When creating this look for the Coach Spring Summer 2017 show, Guido had in mind the look of a rebellious teenage girl: current, tough, sometimes tomboyish and with killer street fashion. To bring this image to life, he started by making a messy center part and drenching hair in Diamond Oil High Shine Airy Mist to give hair an airy, silky feel and tons of shine. Then he pulled a section from both sides of the center part away from the face and pinned it to the back of the head so sections of hair in the front could hang loosely for a more boyish feel. Then he added hairspray, waited 15 to 20 minutes for the hair to set, removed the pins, and added even more hairspray and Diamond Oil. The final look was an unconventional and edgy street style look. Access the full step-by-steps here.

7. Trend: Soft and Shiny Natural Hair, Seen at the Ralph Lauren Spring 2017 show


Having soft and shiny natural hair never goes out of style, so it’s no surprise it showed up as one of the not-so-new hair trends at New York Fashion Week. If your hair tends to be on the coarse, dry or dull side, you can focus on ways to add moisture and a glossy shine to your hair.

At the Spring Summer Ralph Lauren 2017 show, Redken created this timeless style on models by first washing their hair with All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner, a duo featuring argan oil technology and a keratine-enriched complex to replenish moisture. A center part was created, and stylists simply used their fingers to comb through models’ damp hair until it was completely air-dried. Lastly, a tiny amount of Diamond Oil Glow Dry Style Enhancing Blow-Dry Oil was applied to tame frizz and add shine. The effect was beautifully soft natural hair that sparkles.

8. Trend: Sleek Low Ponytails, Seen at the Hugo Boss Spring Summer 2017 Show


Ponytails have always been a part of street fashion, but this isn’t your perky cheerleader type of ponytail. The new ponytail for spring is much, much lower than ever seen before—at the nape of the neck or lower—giving it a sophisticated, minimalist vibe.

At Hugo Boss, Guido created simple and sleek low ponytails by blow drying hair and using just three haircare products. First he worked Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Treatment Primer Cream and Satinwear 04 Thermal Smoothing Blow –Dry Lotion throughout the hair for heat protection and shine before blow-drying hair back and away from the face. Afterward, he pulled hair into a very low pony, and misted Wind Blown 05 Dry Finishing Spray to the ponytail’s length to give strands texture, volume and a windswept effect. Finally, he pulled out a few pieces of hair from the hairline for a more natural look.

9. Trend: Straight and Sleek, Seen at the Victoria Beckham Spring 2017 Show


Among the many trends presented at New York Fashion Week 2016, going natural was one of the biggest themes. However, on the other hand of the spectrum, there was also a trend toward sleek hair in fashion shows. If your hair is already straight or slightly wavy, this is a look you can easily achieve with a blowout.

At the Victoria Beckham Spring Summer 2017 show, Guido gave models super straight, clean hair. To protect hair from heat damage and cut drying time, he applied Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Treatment Primer Cream on damp hair and then added Satinwear 04 Thermal Smoothing Blow Dry, another heat protectant that also provides frizz control and even protects against haircolor fading. Next, he blow dried hair with a boar bristle brush and then added extra smoothness by running sections of hair through a flat iron.

Now that you have a hair-focused fashion week recap and knowledge of the latest spring hairstyles in 2017, you’re well prepared to set the new hair trends this spring or even earlier. And don’t forget: Redken is always here to help.