Valentine's Day Hairstyles To Inspire Your Look



Whether you're celebrating Valentine's day with that special someone, your friends, or showing yourself a little self-love, the holiday calls for gorgeous hair. Whatever your plans may be, we've pulled together some of our top lop looks for the occasion—from unique up-dos to a gorgeous blowout. To help you get the look, Redken Styling Society members and Redken Artists and Brittany VanDykeDenise Walsh, and Amber Maldonado provided step-by-step instructions for their final styles below.



The Glamorous Blowout

amber m1 (1)

Perfect for a night out, this classic blowout by Amber Maldonado requires little instruction. To achieve this shiny, glamourous blowout, Amber used Big Blowout Heat Protecting Jelly and Volume Maximizer before blow-drying. For more blowout inspiration and step by step instructions, check out our Styling Lookbook.


Love Is In the Hair

1. Shampoo and prime hair with One United Leave In Conditioner

2. Apply Guts 10 Hairspray to roots for extra volume and hold. 

3. Apply Big Blowout through ends and blow dry hair for a smooth, bouncing finish.

3. Take two sections from the top of head and pull into two half ponytails. To control flyaways while styling, run Rewind 06 Hair Paste through hair.

4. To complete the heart shape, twist the left pony counter clockwise until it turns to the C shape and secure with a clip. To repeat on the right, twist clockwise to create a backwards C. Tie the two ends together to create the bottom of the heart. 

5. Secure top and side of heart with bobby pins as needed and style rest of hair as desired. Finish the look with Quick Dry 18.


Half Up Half Down Knot

1. Prep the hair by generously applying Redken Triple Dry 15 dry texturizing spray throughout (if your hair is extra fine, Powder Grip 03 is a great alternative).

2. Take a small section of hair and create a ponytail just below where you'd like your knots to sit.

3. Take small sections of hair from each side of your head and tie a single, slightly loose knot. Create another knot just below the first knot.

3. Create a ponytail with the piece of hair at the bottom of your original ponytail. Use bobby pins to secure the remaining piece of hair and both knots to the ponytail.  

4. Gently pull knot to create volume.

5. Finish your look with Triple Dry 15 dry texturizing spray for added texture and airy volume.

Loose Waves

1. Blow dry hair applying Full Frame 07 at the roots for added volume.

2. Spray Fashion Waves 07 throughout hair for added texture.

2. Next, spray hair with Iron Shape 11 for added heat protection and curl hair using a 1.5" curing iron. 

3. Brush through curls with your fingers and liberally apply Triple Dry 15 dry texturizing spray for effortlessly tousled texture.

4. Take a section of hair on your thinner side (if you wear a side part) and pin hair back with your favorite hair accessory such as an embellished pin or clip.

Twirled Ponytail

1. Blow dry hair applying Guts 10 at the roots for added volume. 

2. Apply Iron Shape 11 heat protectant spray and curl hair using a 1.5" curling iron.

3. Spray Triple Dry 15 dry texturizing spray through the hair for added texture, focusing on the roots.

3. Use your fingers to brush curls through and loosen curls.

4. Section hair just above your ears. Clip the hair on top out of the way and secure the bottom section into a ponytail at the nape of your neck.

5. Take the top section down and tease the roots and crown. Take one side of your top section and ponytail it to the opposite side of the other ponytail at the nape of your neck.

6. Take the remaining top section and twist it vertically towards the middle of your head, securing in place with bobby pins. If the crown of your hair is feeling flat gently pull sections of hair to create volume.