13 Easy Tips on How To Get Thicker Hair


Unfortunately, not all of us were #blessed with thick hair. In order to solve the age old question "How to get thicker hair?" and achieve that bombshell lusciousness we all want, we have to fake it until we make it. Fortunately, there are several ways to get thicker, fuller hair without resorting to drastic measures or hair extensions. With a few strategically placed products and tweaks to your haircare routine, you too can take your strands from limp and lifeless to full and fabulous. Here are 13 ways to make your hair look thicker and fuller.

1. Consider A Cut

No matter how hard you try, long fine hair is often going to look stringy. The texture is just too weighed down by the length! Add some bounce back to your hair by cutting a few inches off of your strands. By shortening your hair, you're taking away bulk without removing thickness, so the hair naturally looks fuller than before.

2. Add Highlights For Dimension

A great way to give you hair extra dimension is by adding highlights and lowlights. The color variations help to create shadows and dimension in your hair and can actually give the visual effect that there is more hair there. Coloring hair also gives it volume since the dye has to lift the hair shaft in order to deposit color. It’s a win-win!

3. Diffuse Your Hairline

Fake a fuller looking scalp by dusting your hairline with an eyeshadow in a similar shade to your own haircolor. By filling in the hairline with eyeshadow, you scalp will actually look like it has more hair. Oh, the power of makeup.

4. Get Product Savvy

Give your strands a little nudge by using products that will help to increase keratin production in the hair. As keratin is a key protein behind hair growth, it’s a vital nutrient for those looking to get fuller hair. Vitamins and minerals that also help stimulate keratin production include zinc, iron, copper, vitamin E and vitamin B5. Be sure to incorporate these key nutrients in your diet or haircare routine in order to boost the fullness of your hair.

5. Remove Product Buildup

Another way to stimulate hair growth is by using products that contain salicylic acid to help remove any lingering product buildup. As salicylic acid is a chemical exfoliant, it helps to break down any buildup on the scalp that could be blocking the hair from properly growing. By removing that buildup, you are clearing the path for future hair growth. After your scalp has been removed of any product buildup, be sure to use a hydrating conditioner to replenish any moisture lost.

6. Add Dry Shampoo To Your Routine

A great trick for faking fuller looking strands is to use dry shampoo. As dry shampoo has no hold to it, all it’s going to do is build body and texture in your hair. Plus, due to the oil absorbing properties it can absorb some of the moisture on strands. It’s an amazing trick if you want naturally voluminous hair that doesn’t look like it has a lot of product in it. Redken's Dry Shampoo Powder 02 is a great lightweight, loose powder dry shampoo formulated with Charcoal to help absorb impurities and build natural-looking volume. 

7. Long Layers For Movement & Fullness

In order to give your hair more movement and the illusion of fullness, ask your local Redken stylist to add long layers throughout your ends. Adding these layers gives a dimensional effect to the hair that makes it look full and thick.

8. Choose The Right Tools

When it comes to styling your hair for volume and fullness, you want to make sure that you’re using the right set of tools. For instance, if you’re looking to create a full-bodied blowout, use a ceramic round brush. The ceramic plating helps to heat the hair to set any volume created in the hair, while the round shape of the brush helps to create movement and dimension in the strands.

9. Creative Blow Drying

If you aren’t getting an arm workout during your blow dry routine, then you’re doing it wrong. In order to create airy volume, you need to lift the hair up as you dry it. The lift motion helps to seal volume in the roots and helps to create long-lasting hold. Using a volumizing mousse, such as Redken Guts 10 is a great way to add all over volume when blow drying. 

10. Change Your Part

Need an instant hair height adjustment? Just change your part! By switching your hair’s natural hair part, you can instantly add volume to your strands. Thanks, gravity!

11. Skip Serums

Even though serums are amazing for pumping your hair full of moisture, they aren’t the best option for those looking for volume and fullness. They are just too heavy for finer hair types. Instead, opt for lightweight mousses or sprays to help aid your style.

12. Fake Fuller Braids

Tired of sad, skinny braids? Thicken them up by gentling pulling on the sides of the braid. By pulling the strands outwards, you can create the illusion of more hair in the braid and therefore make it look that much bigger.

13. Turn To Texturizing Sprays

Typically, flat hair is devoid of any type of texture or movement. In order to give your strands more body and dimension, reach for a texturizing spray when styling your hair. Texturizing sprays help to give the strands body, hold, and dimension without weighing down the hair. Redken's Triple Dry 15 dry texture spray is the ultimate product for creating airy texture, and effortless, cool-girl volume. 

Make your thicker hair dreams a reality by using products and handy hair hacks to boost and plump your strands.

Make your thicker hair dreams a reality by using products and handy hair hacks to boost and plump your strands.