How To Give Yourself An At Home Spa Day


These days, trips to the spa feel like fond, distant memories. But just because we may not be able to treat ourselves in the same ways we did pre-quarantine doesn’t mean that our strands have to suffer. In fact, there are plenty of ways you can give your hair a well-deserved dose of DIY TLC at home.

Take an afternoon off and treat yourself (and your tresses) without leaving your bathroom. Here are five ways to make an at-home spa day feel as luxurious as possible—and give your hair the boost of care and nourishment it deserves. 

Light Some Candles


First things first: You’ll want to set the tone for your at-home beauty treatment. Considering you’re likely working, working out, and doing pretty much everything else at home these days, it's particularly important to set a vibe in order to make your beauty treatment feel special (and maybe even salon-worthy). Look for candles scented with relaxing lavender, stress-relieving honey suckle and jasmine, or chill-inducing eucalyptus to really make your space feel like a pro-grade spa.

Pop On Your Favorite Playlist


Slow-tempo music has been proven to help relax your mind, and is one of the most affordable stress-busting tools out there. Mentally transport yourself with classical music or the acoustic version of your favorite popular songs, or press “play” on one of Spotify’s dozens of “Spa” playlists. 

Run Yourself A Bath


Nothing relieves tension quite as well as a warm bath—the minute you dip in for a soak, your mind and muscles will experience instant relief. Fill yours with epsom salts, scented oils, and maybe even some bubbles, then grab a good book (and, ok, a glass of wine) and enjoy.

Try A Hair Mask


Hanging out at home is the perfect opportunity to treat your tresses to a leave-in mask. While Redken’s got an entire arsenal of products that can help revive even the dullest, driest hair, Redken Artist Blake Reed Evans is a fan of the brand’s Mega Mask Line. There are five different products in the range, each of which is meant to target a different concern. They’re each made with a protein complex that nourishes hair at its root, core, and tip, making it more healthy from top to bottom. And the best part? Thanks to the dual-technology they’re made with, you’ll be able to reap their deep conditioning effects for up to three washes. To achieve optimal results, pros suggest using it on towel-dried hair every third wash, leaving it on for 3-5 minutes, then rinsing thoroughly. 

As for how to choose the right one? If you’ve got color treated hair, opt for the Redken Color Extend Mega Mask; for damaged hair, go with Redken Extreme Strengthening Mega Hair Mask for Damaged Hair. If your strands are feeling dry and brittle, slather on the All Soft Deep Conditioning Mega Mask, and for severely dry, coarse hair, choose the All Soft Mega Mega Mask. And for a real “treat yourself” moment? Try the All Soft Mega Recovery Tissue Mask Cap, which is basically a sheet mask for your strands.

Finish Your Spa Day With A Luxurious Hair Oil


Once you’ve nourished your hair with a mask, you can use Redken’s Oil for All to really seal in the moisture and nutrients. It works on all hair types, leaving them smooth, shiny, and never greasy thanks to its lightweight texture. Plus, it’s got the perfect scent to help you carry that home spa-induced relaxation throughout the rest of your day.