All About Lamellar Water: The Must-Have Product For Bleached, Damaged Hair



If you recently received a hair color or lightening service, you may be wondering how you can keep your hair healthy and strong. And for good reason- color treated hair requires special care.

Hair that has undergone a bleaching or highlighting service can often be prone to dryness and damage, and that makes it even more important to have a strong haircare regimen that can restore and repair your strands. To keep your hair radiant and healthy-looking, it’s essential to have a product that strengthens the hair from within, addresses damage, and replenishes the moisture that can be lost during highlighting services.

Redken’s NEW Lamellar Water, part of the Extreme Bleach Recovery haircare range, is an innovative new rinse-out treatment that is an absolute must-have for bleached and highlighted hair. Featuring soothing Cica as a key ingredient, this treatment acts as a liquid band aid to transform and restore damaged, bleached hair in just 10 seconds.

What Is Lamellar Water?


Unlike most rinse out treatments, Redken's Lamellar Water technology has conditioning lipids and cationic surfactants. This allows the technology to deposit conditioning agents more effectively than traditional rinse out treatments. Lamellar Water serves as a unique vehicle in which the deposit of the caring agents is more efficient and precise.

“Lamellar Water is an exciting, innovative liquid conditioning rinse out that works in just 10 seconds. The warming treatment technology hydrates and adds shine. Plus, it deposits only in damaged areas of the hair to fill porosity. Simply apply on damp hair on the lengths and ends, massage, and rinse out. Plus, it also contains cica, a trending skincare ingredient in post-treatment creams, which helps to soothe and repair the hair.” says Redken Brand Ambassador Rodney Cutler.

How Does Lamellar Water Help Restore Bleached, Damaged Hair?


When Lamellar Water is applied onto damp hair, the Lamellar technology deeply moisturizes to restore softness and shine. When rinsed, nano-sized lipids and cationic surfactants are deposited on the hair via a process called Nano-Precipitation. For damaged hair, this means the treatment offers fast and effective results.

“I love recommending Lamellar Water to my clients with damaged, compromised hair because it does a great job of smoothing the hair cuticle and filling in the damaged areas without weighing hair down. When your hair is restored, soft, and shiny, it makes it so much easier to style your hair or even to air-dry. To me, it’s a must have product.” says Redken Brand Ambassador Rodney Cutler

What Is Cica and How Does This Ingredient Help Care For Bleached, Damaged Hair?

Cica is a nickname for its scientific name: Centella Asiatica. Cica is known to help offer calming and soothing benefits in skincare; which is why Redken chose to include this innovative ingredient in haircare.

“My favorite product is the new Lamellar Water,which acts like a liquid bandage for your stands and even has Cica in it, which acts as a soothing and healing protector for the hair.” says Redken Brand Ambassador Matt Rez.