A Look Inside: Model Lizzy Jagger Reveals Her Haircare Routine & The Inspiration Behind Her Signature Red Haircolor


Redken muse and model Lizzy Jagger is known for many things: Her rock star heritage, her fabulous fashion campaigns, and her signature fiery red hair. This jaw-dropping look captured the attention of the fashion world and helped her become one of the most recognizable models on the catwalk. Designers such as Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger, and Sonia Rykiel have all included this redheaded beauty in many major fashion campaigns and it’s no wonder why. Her hair coupled with her effervescent personality definitely makes her a fashion force to be reckoned with.

With such a sensational background and oh-so-stunning hair, we had to figure out how this runway pro keeps her haircolor looking so vibrant. Here’s a look inside Lizzy Jagger’s beauty routine.

Describe Your Beauty Look:

Pre-Raphaelite with a touch of glamour.

What Was The Inspiration Behind Your Red Hair?

I first dyed it for my 30th birthday party. I really wanted an extreme makeover and was inspired by Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I have always loved redheads, like Ariel and Lucy from I Love Lucy. I dyed it a really bright red and loved it but it was a bit too much of a cartoon color. Now I have a deeper tone of red that’s much more natural looking. It’s a deep tone of ruby red—I love it! Redken takes care of my color now. George Garcia is my colorist out in Los Angeles where I am living. I’ve been trying out different red shades and we finally got the perfect one. It’s a deep, rich color that is really multi-dimensional. The color fits my skin tone perfectly.

Any Hair Mishaps?

I had a few hair mishaps throughout the years. I used to cut and color it myself and definitely had too many hair disasters…I accidentally used henna dye when I was young and it turned my hair green! Always go to a colorist in the salon for your color!

Describe Your Everyday Hair Look:

I like to keep it down for every day; just with little soft waves and bounce. The wind blown hairspray is perfect for light easy texture for loose waves. My hair is naturally really wavy. I like to wear it down with loose waves and a little texture. I love Windblown for that! Also, when I'm not working, I completely avoid the hairdryer.

Is Your Look For A Night Out Any Different?

For a night out, I love loose bouncy waves and wearing it down. I add a bit of shine with a few drops of Diamond Oil before I leave the house. If it’s a night out dancing, then I always do a high ponytail braid. You need to keep it out of the way on the dance floor!

What's Your Makeup Routine Like?

Nowadays for makeup, I always curl my lashes, have a very subtle contour, and make sure my eyebrow color matches my haircolor. For a night out I’ll add a bit more color to make it glam.

What's The Wildest Hairstyle You Have Ever Had?

Multi-colored dreadlocks in a fashion show and, when I was 13, I accidentally dyed my hair green, it was like a swamp monster!

What Are Some Of Your Top Beauty Secrets?

1. I love hair oils! Diamond Oil is really great. It makes your hair so healthy and shiny.

2. Sleep.

3. Drink 2 liters of water a day.

4. Massage your face with oil and deep pressure, paying attention to the front and back of the neck. Head massages and reflexology can also do a lot for your face.

Do You Have Any Go-To Hair Products Or Treatments?

I use the Redken Color Extend Magnetics  line. It's great for freshly dyed hair and to keep your color vibrant. Every three months I’ve been doing the new  Heatcure treatment. It makes your hair feel so soft yet strong after.

Who Is Your Beauty Icon?

My mother of course! Growing up I always saw my mom doing her makeup and it was very 80’s—lots of colors, big hair, glam makeup. Since then I’ve learned my own form that is more natural and nude. I always curl my lashes and like a very subtle contour—it works wonders for a paler face.

When I was a child I was naturally light blonde. It changed to brown when I was a teen. My mother and I would dye it together and she would dye it to her blonde color.

Want to find out more about Redken muse, Lizzy Jagger? Head over to @Redken5thAve for more muse inspiration!