The SMART Haircare Technology You Need To Know About


You have a smart phone and maybe even a smart TV. Who says your haircare can’t be smart, too?

In early 2017, Redken launched SMART Haircare. That means we upgraded the formulas of three of our beloved haircare lines – All Soft, Extreme, and Color Extend Magnetics – to include our latest discovery in protein science, RCT. 

What Is SMART Haircare?

What Is Smart Haircare

What is RTC exactly? It’s the first protein complex triple-charged to treat hair from the root, through the core, to the tip for ultimate softness, strength or vibrancy. The term “RTC” literally stands for “Root, Core, Tip.” As different parts of your hair have different needs, Redken came up with a solution to help your haircare work smarter for you. Each piece of the RCT complex is formulated to help boost the overall look and feel of your hair. 

What are the ingredients?

Whats In It

The first star ingredient in the complex is soy protein. This powerful protein works to help add structure to the root of your hair. That means stronger hair, starting at the scalp. Next, we added arginine to help condition the hair at its core. For those looking for soft-to-the-touch hair, keep your eye on this ingredient. Lastly, we added sepicap to help restore the look of your ends. Combined, the RCT protein complex gives your haircare the boost it needs to work better and smarter for your hair.

Why did Redken choose these Haircare Lines?

Why Those Haircare Lines

Wonder why we added these super proteins to only three of our haircare lines? Well, the RCT complex treats the specific concerns for conditioning in All Soft, color vibrancy in Color Extend Magnetics, and strengthening in Extreme. These proteins are simply amplifying the formulas in each of these lines to better enhance the way each product works.

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