3 Looks/ 1 Haircolor: This Semi-Permanent Haircolor Gives You Multiple Looks With Just One Salon Visit


Vivid haircolor isn’t just a one-stop-shop. Redken, in particular, has expanded its haircolor portfolio to not only include bright haircolor options but to give you exactly what you want – haircolor that can do it all.

Redken City Beats is the haircolor line does exactly that. As a semi-permanent haircolor that can be mixed and matched, City Beats has the flexibility to give your hair three distinct looks. Not only can this line deliver bold, vivid haircolor, but your stylist can transform these shades to be subtler or even pastel. It’s the perfect haircolor option if you have always wanted to play around with new colors but aren’t ready to commit to a shade that shouts.

Whether you want shocking neon hair or just a whisper of rose gold, Redken City Beats can help you achieve your ultimate hair goal. Here are the three distinct looks that your stylist can create using City Beats.

Look 1: Vivid Haircolor That Shouts From The Rooftops

City Beats lets your hair make the ultimate statement. With 12 shockingly bold colors to choose from, this range allows your stylist to create looks that are just as extreme as you are. So, go ahead and ask for rainbow roots, oil slick hair or fiery red hair. You know you want to! Here are a few of our favorite bold haircolor looks.

Oil Slick Hair worn by Redken Muse Chloe Norgaard

Oil slick hair started as an Instagram hair trend and is slowly making its way into our day-to-day lives. Inspired by the rainbow effect of an oil slick, this color trend features a dark color such as brunette or black hair with bright splashes for more vivid color.

Mermaid Hair

Channel your inner mermaid with this ethereal haircolor. Bold sea foam green meets deep sea blue with this colorful look.

Rainbow Hair

Nothing says bold quite like rainbow hair. This menagerie of color is dazzling to look at and practically begs for a selfie (or five.)

Look 2: Bold Hair That Talks For You

Don’t want to lose your natural haircolor? You don’t have to! With City Beats, your stylist can blend in bolder colors with your natural shade to create a look that speaks volumes. Simply ask for a colorful balayage or soft ombre to keep the focus on the new shades without losing your unique and original haircolor.

Teal Tips

Let your hair do all the talking by adding a bright shade of teal to the ends of your hair. The placement of the color tones down this statement-making color, while still giving it the spotlight it deserves.

Sunset Hair

Turn the tables on the sunset hair trend by integrating bold pinks and oranges into your natural haircolor. The dichotomy of your natural shade paired with the more vibrant colors is both flattering and chic!

Pretty In Pink

Add a feminine touch to your natural haircolor by asking your stylist for peekaboo pink hair. Adding a few sections of pink underneath your hair gives you an unexpected and fun twist to your everyday style.

Look 3: Whisper Of Pastel Haircolor

For those who are hesitant to try a bold color, ask your stylist about pastels. Shades like rose gold or lavender are perfect for those trying to dip their toes into the world of bright hair.

Rose Gold Hair

Feeling rosy? Add a spring to your step and some warmth to your style with rose gold haircolor.

Pastel Blue Hair

Nothing is better than being an ice queen. Channel your inner frozen goddess with these pastel blue hues.

Holographic Hair

Photo Credit : @hair_cult_

Calling all blondes! Give your haircolor an unexpected twist by adding hints of blues and purples to your hair. This trend known as holographic hair gives the hair a holographic illusion, while still being fabulous IRL.

Which look are you most excited to try? Head over to @redken on Instagram to let us know.