Best Honey Blonde Hair Colors To Try


“Blonde’ is one of those words that can mean a whole lot of different things, all at the same time. It’s not a hair color, but rather a hair spectrum, which means that there are a number of different tones that can fall under its jurisdiction, from nearly-white platinum to the reddish tints of strawberry. But one blonde shade that’s going to be everywhere this season (including all over your Instagram feed) is “honey blonde,” which falls somewhere in between. 

Honey blonde falls smack in the middle of the range between blonde and brunette. You know that look your hair gets when you’ve just come back from vacation, and your strands have been naturally lightened by the sun? That’s honey blonde. But luckily, you can also get the same sun-kissed color in the salon, without having to book a trip to the beach. The golden tone is created with a combination of highlights and lowlights, and the result is a brightened, natural look that catches the light beautifully, The balance of the rich brown tones with bright blonde is perfect for anyone who wants to try a lighter look. Since its on the darker side of the blonde spectrum, it looks gorgeous with medium skin tones, and pairs well with brunette brows.

Feeling inspired? Here are some honey blonde hair color looks worth copying. Check out the Redken salon finder to find a salon near you and work with your hair colorist to create a  honey blonde shade that works for you!

Honey Blonde by Hairstylist Bee Blondor

This sweet and flattering hue adds a blend of dark and warm blonde to accentuate your hair’s natural shine.

Bronde by Redken Ambassador Matt Rez

This bronde hair color fuses both brunette and blonde tones for a beautifully blended, multi-dimensional look.

Golden Blonde by Hairstylist Denise Suzanne

This sun-kissed style features both bright and warm blonde tones, for a summery look attainable any time of year.

Dark Honey Blonde Hair Color

Photo Credit : @alinaantonescu88

This dark honey blonde shade features lighter tones throughout the mid-lengths and ends for a natural, sun-kissed end result. 

High Shine Honey Blonde Hair Color

Photo Credit : @kristaswaby_hair

This high-shine honey blonde hair color inspires some major hair envy. Want to get this look? Learn all about hair glosses here and see why it is an essential part of every hair color service.

Multi-Dimensional Honey Blonde Hair Color

Photo Credit : @MariahNoelleHair

For those with a naturally darker base hair color, golden honey blonde hues create a stunning, multi-dimensional look.

Light Honey Blonde Hair Color

Photo Credit : @salonbleu07

This honey blonde shade integrates light highlights throughout the hair for a soft and beautiful end result.

Sun-Kissed Honey Blonde Hair Color

Photo Credit : @tayjoartistry

These bright honey blonde highlights are accented with the perfect beachy waves for a stunning sun-kissed transformation.