7 Haircolors to Try This Fall


Fall is here and it’s time to talk about the latest haircolor trends for the season. Lucky for us, it’s all about working with what you’ve got. Many of the most popular trends for fall 2016 focus on adding warmth and dimension to your current haircolor rather than taking the plunge into a radically different shade. Whether it’s trying more golden tones or adding a few shadows to your favorite pastel haircolors, this season’s trends focus on adding richness and depth to create a dimensional looking color that is sure to turn heads. Wondering which trends.



Bring out your warmer side this fall by deepening the color of your brunette strands. Warmer chestnut brown tones are popular this time of year and with good reason. They are absolutely stunning! Ask your stylist to not only deepen your base color, but to add warm gold and red tones using Shades EQ, a salon gloss service that enhances color and boosts shine. It will bring a sense of warmth to your haircolor and also help to deepen the dimension. This gorgeous autumnal shade is perfect for highlighting the rich red and golden tones in hair. It’s also a great solve for those looking to warm up their complexion in the cooler months.


Photo credit: @seangodard

Rose gold is another trendy haircolor option that will help to bring warmth to the skin without overpowering any pink or neutral undertones. This earthy pastel is perfect for those who want to experiment with a unique haircolor without taking the plunge to more vivid, neon-based shades. This very forgiving shade strikes the balance between bolder tones and a more natural base.



Give your haircolor a sultry feel this fall by opting for a Sombre haircolor. Sombre is a color trend where brunette and blonde are blurred together to create a beautiful “soft ombre” effect (think the color “bronde”). It’s soft on contrast and big on glam and is the perfect way to update your favorite ombre for the fall. This mix of brunette and blonde shades is great for those who want to change up their haircolor without committing to a bolder shade. Think of it as a “one-size-fits-all” haircolor.


Photo credit: @colourxdonna
Blondes, it’s time to make brassy highlights and faded lowlights a thing of the past. This season is all about neutral, creamy blonde shades. For your next appointment, ask your colorist to mix golden and pearlescent tones to create the ideal balance of coolness and warmth in your hair. It’s a complementary shade that is sure to look good on any blonde this fall.


Give your platinum blonde locks a more dimensional edge by asking your stylist to add subtle lowlights. Even a shade or two darker is just enough to give your color a whole new style. You can even take this haircolor a step further by asking for shadowed roots at the top of your color. This added dimension gives your color an edgy look that perfectly pairs the deeper tones of fall.


Photo credit: @lindseymolson

This fall is all about making vivid, colorful shades look more lived-in. By adding shaded roots into the mix, colorists can give the illusion of dustier, natural-looking pastel colors. With darkened roots, the color immediately looks more edgy and dimensional, while still giving you a bolder pop of color.



Take your red strands to the next level by deepening the base with warm copper and bronze tones. This metallic brown shade aka “Ronze” helps to bring an extra level of depth and warmth to haircolor that’s stunning. It’s a great balance of neutral and copper tones that can help to take red strands to the next level.

Wondering what other haircolor trends for fall 2016 you should try this fall? Book an appointment at your local Redken salon to discover which trending fall shades may be right for you.