Improve Your Hair & Makeup Routine with 3 Haircolor Gloss Palettes


We don’t know about you, but our hair and makeup routines could never be complete without the right makeup palette. Why? Because it’s much easier to apply complimentary makeup shades and tones when they are selected by professionals and packaged together in a one-size fits all palette. So why do we pick new haircolor shades without the chance to see the beautiful colors laid out in a complimentary fashion? Lucky for us, haircolor palettes are here, and our favorite makeup shades inspired the colors.

For fun hair and makeup pairing, we recommend you start with a haircolor palette made up of hair glosses. With a gloss, you can change your color just as easily as you change your makeup—and with the same level of commitment. A hair gloss, like Shades EQ, is a 20 minute service that you can get as often as every 20 washes! Play up the makeup you already love with your haircolor, or find the makeup shades you didn’t know you needed.

Ready to enhance your natural haircolor, add some shine, and complement your makeup? Find the right gloss palette for you and see our makeup recommendations, too!

Coffee Break Haircolor Palette

Coffee is a daily lifestyle and beauty staple. Infuse some of the rich, creamy hues of coffee into your hair and makeup routine with the Coffee Break Haircolor Palette.

coffee break 3

From haircolor as creamy as café au lait to strands as sultry as deep, dark espresso, coffee-colored hair is one of our favorite color palettes. There are so many rich tones to be inspired by, it’s perfect if you want to match your haircolor to your makeup. We suggest reaching for warm golden eyeshadows and creamy nude lip glosses to highlight the best that your hair has to offer.

Try these perfect match makeup items for full, caffeinated effect:

Lip Color: NYX Lip Lingerie in Silk Indulgent
Eye Color: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Bronze
Cheek Color: NYX Baked Blush in Chiffon

Red Stiletto Haircolor Palette

Nothing spices up your everyday look like a bold red lip. Bring the show-stopping vibrancy into your hair and makeup routine with the Red Stiletto Haircolor Palette.

Red Stiletto 2

Fiery red hair is often the star of the show, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t let your makeup in on the fun. To really make your look pop and balance the warmth of your hair, reach for makeup that has a cool undertone, like brick red lipstick or a bold black eyeliner.

Compliment your firey red hair with these makeup items:

Lip Color: NYX Matte Lipstick in Alabama
Eyeliner: NYX Matte Liquid Eyeliner
Cheek Color:NYX Ombre Blush in Mauve Me

Runway Shine Haircolor Palette

Natural makeup never goes out of style. Enhance your I-Woke-Up-Like-This look with the glossy goodness of the Runway Shine Haircolor Palette.

runway shine 3

Make the most out of your glossy hair with makeup that illuminates—high-beam makeup looks fantastic against intensely reflective hair. This palette works with the natural tones of your hair to amplify shine and leave you looking runway-ready. From there, grab your favorite shimmery makeup and start strobing.

Less is more with these minimal, glow-enhancing makeup shades:

Lip Color: NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Baby Rose
Eye Color: NYX Lid Lacquer in Clear
Highlight Color:NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator in Sunbeam

Inspired by the colors in these haircolor palettes? Ask you colorist which palette best compliments your hair and makeup routine or find a Redken Salon to book your next haircolor service.