New Hue, New You: Fierce and Fearless (Episode 7)


In episode seven of “New Hue, New You,” —a YouTube video series that revolves around Redken Artists providing makeovers to lucky Redken clients to build confidence and positively change their lives—we meet Jackie. With a new job and a new apartment, Jackie is ready to make a statement with a haircolor transformation. 

You just landed your dream job. You’re moving to a new city. You just started dating someone very special. When a big change is happening in your life, a makeover can help you feel more confident about handling what lies ahead. Because when you look good, you can’t help but feel good—and there’s nothing like a trendy haircut, or a new bold fantasy haircolor to make you feel like a better version of yourself. That’s where Redken comes in!



Name: Jackie
Age: 24
City: New York, NY
Occupation: Vet Technician 

Hair Challenge:  Jackie is making moves – not only by moving into her first apartment, but starting a new job, and now, she’s ready for a new statement haircolor.

She’s not afraid to experiment with color – she’s tried red, rose gold, you name it, she’s done it. This time, though, she’s looking for a color that will be unique and out of her comfort zone to mark this exciting time in her life.

In the latest episode of “New You, New You”, 24-year-old Jackie is looking for a cool haircolor to showcase the multiple layers of her personality and truly express herself. Excited for her makeover, Jackie says, “I’m looking for something a little different that I haven’t done before!” 


Enter Redken Artist Blake Reed Evans!

“Being able to take somebody’s look and their personality and fusing the two together, I think it’s such a beautiful thing” says Redken Artist Blake Reed Evans. A professional colorist has the skill set to create the look that is best for you, all the while keeping the hair’s health and integrity intact.

To create that vibrant, gorgeous pink seen on Jackie, Blake used Redken City Beats shades and protected the hair during the lightening process with Redken pH-Bonder. The end result? A bright, beautiful look that will, to put in Jackie’s words, make you feel “daring, excited, and happy!”


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