New Hue, New You: From Scholarly to Sparkly (Episode 8)


In episode eight of “New Hue, New You,” —a YouTube video series that revolves around Redken Artists providing makeovers to lucky Redken clients to build confidence and positively change their lives—we meet Whitney, a grad student who always worried that in order to be taken seriously, she needed to tone down her outward appearance. Now, she's ready to cast aside that fear and make a statement with a haircolor transformation. 

You just landed your dream job. You’re moving to a new city. You just started dating someone very special. When a big change is happening in your life, a makeover can help you feel more confident about handling what lies ahead. Because when you look good, you can’t help but feel good—and there’s nothing like a trendy haircut, or a new bold fantasy haircolor to make you feel like a better version of yourself. That’s where Redken comes in!



Name: Whitney 
Age: 26
City: New York, NY
Occupation: Graduate Student

Hair Challenge: 

When embarking on her post-graduate endeavors, Whitney thought that being studious and scholarly meant you needed to tone down your outward appearance to be taken seriously.

Now that she’s settling into her life here in New York City, Whitney is more open to playing with bolder makeup and willing to experiment with a cool, pastel haircolor! Being bookish doesn’t mean you have to be blah. “I want to be more exciting and vibrant,” says 


Redken Artist Justin Isaac is here to help transform Whitney’s look to catch her hair up with her passion and energy. For Whitney’s lifestyle, she needed something low-maintenance, but high impact. After assessing Whitney’s eye color, cheeks and skin tone, Redken Artist Justin Isaac determined that violet and lilac hues would work best!

Justin prelightened Whitney’s hair in order to achieve the light, modern and fresh pastel look with Redken’s City Beats shades.


Take the leap and get a hair makeover like Whitney! Check out Salon Finder to locate your nearest Redken salon to schedule an appointment.


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