New Hue, New You: Haircolor Makeover Video Series


New Hue, New You is a YouTube haircolor makeover video series that revolves around Redken Artists providing makeovers to lucky Redken clients to build confidence and positively change their lives.  Watch an episode below!

Watch EPISODE 1: Bye Bye Boring, Hello Sexy >


Name: Ruby
Age: 23
City: New York City (new resident!)
Occupation: Social Media Manager
Hair Challenge: Haircolor slump + curly hair

Watch EPISODE 2: Time to Love Thyself >


Name: Julia
Age: 25
City: New York City (new resident!)
Occupation: Assistant
Hair Challenge: Priority to recharge and practice some self-care has fallen by the wayside
Fun Fact: Has never colored her hair

Watch EPISODE 3: Mommy Makeover >


Name: Harper
Age: 27
City: Pleasantville
Occupation: Yoga Teacher
Hair Challenge: As a new mom adding dimension to her black haircolor has been Harper's last priority. 

Watch EPISODE 4: From Blah to Babe >


Name: Emily
Age: 25
City: Long Island
Occupation: Writer for a teen magazine
Hair Challenge: After being scarred by a harrowing haircut experience, Emily is ready to take the plunge with a bold, blonde haircolor.  

Watch EPISODE 5: Ready, Set, Shout >


Name: Izzy
Age: 25
City: Queens, NY
Occupation: FIT Student
Hair Challenge: Izzy has been throwing her creativity into her illustrative work for years, but hasn't made the jump to add some vibrancy to her long, black hair. With her impending college graduation and transition into adulthood, Izzy is ready for a bright, fantasy haircolor change inspired by the anime characters she loves!  

Watch EPISODE 6: From Breakup to Beautiful >


Name: Alanna
Age: 30
City: Yonkers, NY
Occupation: Vet Technician 
Hair Challenge: Post-breakup, Alanna is ready to put herself back out there! What she's most looking for is a boost in confidence and to get noticed, but her grown out blonde highlights are holding her back. 

Watch EPISODE 7: Fierce and Fearless >


Name: Jackie
Age: 24
City: New York, NY
Occupation: Vet Technician 
Hair Challenge:  Jackie is making moves – not only by moving into her first apartment, but starting a new job, and now, she’s ready for a new statement haircolor.

Watch EPISODE 8: From Scholarly to Sparkly >


Name: Whitney 
Age: 26
City: New York, NY
Occupation: Graduate Student
Hair Challenge: When embarking on her post-graduate endeavors, Whitney thought that being studious and scholarly meant you needed to tone down your outward appearance to be taken seriously.

Watch EPISODE 9: Transforming Body and Soul >


Name: Shelley 
Age: 35
City: Washington D.C. 
Occupation: Marketing
Hair Challenge: Having lost over 150 pounds, Shelley was looking for an amazing new haircolor to match her newfound confidence.

Watch EPISODE 10: Bold, Blonde and Beautiful >


Name: Stacy
Age: 32
City: Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin
Occupation: Special Education Teacher 
Hair Challenge: She always wanted a beautiful Balayage, but can't seem to banish her brassy tones.

Watch EPISODE 11: Making A Statement >


Name: Anne 
Age: 14
City: New York
Occupation: Student 
Hair Challenge: She wanted to color her hair pastel pink in support of her Aunt's breast cancer treatment.

Watch EPISODE 12: Finding The Passion >


Name: Kelly 
Age: 28
City: New York
Occupation: Study Abroad Advisor 
Hair Challenge: Looking for a bold new look to go along with her new life in NYC and passion for music.

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