New Hue, New You: Transforming Body & Soul (Episode 9)

New Hue New You Episode 9

In episode nine of “New Hue, New You,” —a YouTube video series that revolves around Redken Artists providing makeovers to lucky Redken clients to build confidence and positively change their lives—we meet Shelley, a Washington D.C. native who went through a life-changing weight loss transformation, and wanted her haircolor to match her newfound confidence.

You just landed your dream job. You’re moving to a new city. You just started dating someone very special. When a big change is happening in your life, a makeover can help you feel more confident about handling what lies ahead. Because when you look good, you can’t help but feel good—and there’s nothing like a trendy haircut, or a new bold fantasy haircolor to make you feel like a better version of yourself. That’s where Redken comes in!



Name: Shelley 
Age: 35
City: Washington D.C. 
Occupation: Marketing 

Hair Challenge: Relaxed hair

Washington D.C native Shelley recently went through a life changing transformation. Having lost over 150 pounds, Shelley was looking for an amazing new haircolor to match her newfound confidence. After being selected as the winner of Redken’s “New Hue, New You” sweepstakes, Shelley was on her way to NYC to receive the haircolor makeover of a lifetime.

“Ever since I was 8 years old, I’ve been trying to lose weight. To finally succeed and do it- that felt really good. I’ve had the same hairstyle for 18 years. I’ve changed my body and I think now is a great time to change my hairstyle.”

Over the years, Shelley was apprehensive to experiment with haircolor. After receiving a number of hair relaxing treatments, Shelley was not sure which haircolor option would be best for her hair.

“I always worried about haircolor and relaxer and what that would do. I just didn’t bother with haircolor, but I’m looking for a new look to match my new body.”


To give Shelley a bold new look that worked for her hair type, Redken Artist Justin Isaac had the perfect Redken Recipe.

Aiming to add some dimension to Shelley’s look, Justin focused on adding concentrated pieces of lightness throughout Shelley’s hair. For Shelley’s makeover, Justin’s color placement was inspired Redken Global Color Director Josh Wood’s Beyond Brunette techniques.

 “I want to make Shelley’s hair match the way she feels. We can add a little bit of cinnamon, add a little bit of caramel and peanut butter- to give Shelley’s brunette something that is beyond brunette.”

We can’t get enough of Shelley’s new hair—and from the video, it seems like Shelley can’t get enough of it either.


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