Redken Diaries: Tips for Your Next Salon Visit


The holiday rush is officially in full swing! As you check off your long list of to-dos and wrap up your holiday shopping, don't forget to take a little time for yourself. While there's nothing quite like getting your hair done, a trip to the salon during the busy season can be quite overwhelming. To ensure you have a relaxing visit and leave feeling like your best self, we've rounded up a few tips from Redken Ambassador Tracey Cunningham to help you prepare for your next salon visit. Tracey recently appeared on the Drew Barrymore Show to discuss a Shades EQ Hair makeover, so we're highlighting her best advice for getting the most out of your next trip to the salon.


As your calendar books up this holiday season, so does your stylist's. Be sure to plan ahead for your end of year celebrations and book your appointment early on. Between holiday parties and New Year's Eve events, salons are packed all month long with back-to-back clients. Secure your spot now and give yourself something to look forward to!

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Especially for those looking to undergo a hair transformation, be sure to do your research before showing up at the salon. While your stylist is certainly there to help, they'll only achieve your desired look if you know what you want. If you already know the style or color you're looking for, we recommend browsing for reference images to learn what you like and don't like. If you're still in the research phase, the internet is your best friend! Whether you need to understand the difference between ombre and balayage or don't know what a hair gloss is, do your research before you get to the salon. 


After you've rounded up a collection of reference photos for your stylist, it's time to narrow down. Pick one photo that best represents what you're hoping for. Tracey Cunningham explains why this is crucial for achieving your desired look. When clients bring multiple photos in, it's easy for stylists to create a composite of all the images, creating something different than you had pictured. Find one good photo and stick with it!


This tip is for anyone hoping for a dramatic transformation, especially those looking to go lighter! As Tracey explains, "there are two kinds of people in the world: those who want to go blonde in a day and those with patience." Don't expect to achieve your desired level in one session. Book several appointments with your stylist and plan to go lighter and lighter over a period of time. This will protect your hair health and ensure your color is achieved in a safe manner. 

If you do want to go drastically lighter in one day, there are two things you need: time and money! Be sure you and your stylist have hours to spend achieving your look and, after all of their hard work, don't be shocked by the price tag. If your colorist applies three full heads of highlights in a day, be prepared to pay.


If you're looking for a hair refresh but aren't sure where to start, consider a hair gloss. One of Tracey's favorite products, Redken's Shades EQ Gloss is the perfect treatment to ask for. This hair gloss enhances your natural shine while correcting the tone of your hair. For those not ready to commit to coloring, Shades EQ Gloss is a less scary option. Tinted hair glosses are demi-permanent, meaning the color fades over time, but without the visible regrowth from permanent hair color. Instead, gloss will enhance your natural hair color, add shine, and enhance any previously colored hair. Plus, the service is only twenty minutes--a perfect treatment for the busy holiday season. 


Trust your hair to the best! The professional point of difference when it comes to your hair is undeniable. To highlight this, Redken teamed up with a few of our ambassadors to showcase the power of Shades EQ with our Redken Diaries Campaign.

In the video below, celebrity hairstylist and Redken Ambassador Vernon Francois uses Shades EQ Gloss to creates curly highlights on his client Sana's beautiful textured hair, all while protecting the integrity and beauty of her curls.

Book your appointment now and enter the New Year feeling like the best version of yourself.

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