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While gray and beige are not often thought of as the most exciting colors, they’ve come together to create your new blonde staple: Greige Blonde. Combined, these two soft shades result in multi-dimensional hair that complements both warm and cool skin tones. Greige also offers some serious shine. Whether you're a long time blonde or you've been toying with the idea of going lighter, this dreamy Greige is the answer. Read on to learn how to go greige!


Greige Blonde is defined by a natural, balanced base with a “smoky meets beige” finish. This dimensional shade is the perfect balance of cool ash hues and warm gold tones, making this wearable blonde perfect for every season.

With so many blonde shades to choose from, we’re here to help you differentiate Greige from other popular looks. Ash tones are always popular, but there is something special about Greige Blonde. Greige’s ash tones are balanced out by gold reflects, creating a more natural looking blonde with more shine than traditional Ash Blonde colors. Greige might also sound like the popular Mushroom Blonde—an ashy mix between brown and blonde—but Mushroom shades are defined by their muted, matte finish. With Greige, the gold tones allow for more shine, creating a luminous, beige finish that is much more vibrant than a Mushroom Blonde.

To see the variety of Greige in action, check out a few of our favorite results from Redken Artists and Ambassadors. The best way to get the greige of your dreams is showing your stylist the perfect reference photo. Get your inspo below.


Greige Transformations

Before 2 dm
FLBI 20 vol _All over gross _ 010Ag_ Root shadow_ 09n 2

Transformation by: Daniel Mora

Barri before
Barri after

  Transformation by: Barri Gibson


The versatility of Greige makes this shade perfect for both cool and warm skin tones. Shades EQ Gloss makes this color results possible, and is incredible for all hair types and textures. To help highlight the beauty of Greige blondes, we spoke to a few Redken Artists and Ambassadors about who should be rocking this effortless trend that’s here to stay.

Indecisive? Colorist Daniel Mora is here to put an end to that. Because of the balance of cool and warm tones, he says Greige is “perfect for clients that are unsure of which side to choose. Now they can have the best of both!”

Hesitant to go lighter? Colorist and Texture specialist Barri Gibson is here to ease your concerns. She says Greige is “ideal for clients with warmer undertones who wish to achieve a cooler blonde that complements their skin, as opposed to washing them out.”

With the help of a professional colorist, you can find the ideal Greige shade for you and your hair type. From a subtle balayage to a complete Greige makeover, your stylist can vary dimension and depth to make this shade your own.


To get your Greige on, first you need a goal in mind. Before you visit a salon, choose a reference photo of your ideal Greige to share with your colorist, but work with them to find the right tone for you. 
When you’re ready, visit a Redken Salon near you and ask your colorist for a Shades EQ Gloss Service. This hair gloss service refreshes your color, adds shine, and leaves hair looking and feeling healthy.

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