Dry and Damaged Hair

Start your haircare routine with a moisturizing shampoo followed by a conditioner, mask for damaged hair, or even a dry hair treatment. Together these dry and damaged hair products can help bring health back to your hair.

ABC-treatment ABC-treatment

Acidic Bonding Concentrate Leave-In Treatment

Leave-In Treatment Leave-In Repair, Leave Out Damage

ABC-Shampoo ABC-Shampoo

Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo

Reparative Bonding Shampoo

ABC Conditioner ABC Conditioner

Acidic Bonding Concentrate Conditioner

Reparative Bonding Conditioner

Redken-2021-Acidic-Bonding-Concentrate-Treatment-Packshot-2000x2000 Redken-2021-Acidic-Bonding-Concentrate-Treatment-Packshot-2000x2000


Acidic Bonding Concentrate Intensive Treatment: Maximum Concentration for Hair Transformation


All Soft Moisture Restore Leave in

Restore hydration and retain moisture for shiny, healthy hair with this lightweight leave-in treatment.

Redken all soft moisturizing shampoo for dry, brittle hair. Size 10.1 fl oz / 300 ml. Redken all soft moisturizing shampoo for dry, brittle hair. Size 10.1 fl oz / 300 ml.

All Soft Shampoo

For Dry Damaged Hair

AllSoftConditioner AllSoftConditioner

All Soft Conditioner

for Dry, Brittle Hair

Redken-2020-Extreme-Length-Shampoo-Packshot Redken-2020-Extreme-Length-Shampoo-Packshot

Extreme Length Shampoo With Biotin

Hair Strengthening Shampoo For Longer, Stronger Hair

Redken extreme conditioner for strength and repair of damaged hair. Size: 10.1 fl oz / 300 ml. Redken extreme conditioner for strength and repair of damaged hair. Size: 10.1 fl oz / 300 ml.
Best Selling

Extreme Conditioner

Hair Strengthening Conditioner For Damaged Hair

71Np8rAEglL_SL1500_ Smart Haircare 71Np8rAEglL_SL1500_
Best Selling

Extreme Shampoo

Hair Strengthening Shampoo For Damaged Hair

Redken-2020-Product-Oil-For-All-2000x2000 Redken-2020-Product-Oil-For-All-2000x2000

Oil For All

Weightless Hair Oil For All Hair Types

Redken-2020-Extreme-Length-Conditioner-Packshot Redken-2020-Extreme-Length-Conditioner-Packshot

Extreme Length Conditioner With Biotin

Hair Strengthening Conditioner For Longer, Stronger Hair

Redken-2020-Extreme-Length-Leave-In-Packshot Redken-2020-Extreme-Length-Leave-In-Packshot

Extreme Length Leave-In Treatment With Biotin

Hair Strengthening Leave-In Treatment

884486219312OneUnited150ml 884486219312OneUnited150ml

One United

Multi-Benefit Leave-in Conditioner

71zbryYq5RL_SL1500_ 71zbryYq5RL_SL1500_
Award Winning


Fortify Hair And Reduce Split Ends

AllSoftHeavyCreamTube AllSoftHeavyCreamTube

All Soft Heavy Cream Mask

<span style="color: #000000; background-color: #ffffff; text-align: center; letter-spacing: 0.8px;">Deep conditioner and anti-frizz hair treatment for dry, brittle hair.</span>


All Soft Argan-6 Hair Oil

Oil for soft, silky hair

716FrNUbF4L_SL1500_ 716FrNUbF4L_SL1500_

Extreme Cat

Protein Treatment For Damaged Hair

71AxYi4JXGL_SL1500_ 71AxYi4JXGL_SL1500_

Extreme Play Safe

Strengthening Heat Protectant

AllSoftArganOil AllSoftArganOil

All Soft Argan-6 oil

Oil for soft, silky hair

71BMBOwgfyL_SL1500_ 71BMBOwgfyL_SL1500_

Extreme Bleach Recovery Cica Cream Leave-In Treatment

Deeply Nourishing Leave-In Treatment For Bleached, Damaged Hair

Triple Action 1 Triple Action 1

Extreme Length Triple Action Treatment

Rinse-Out Mask Powered By Biotin And Niacinamide