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Hairspray 101


Whether you’re a styling pro or someone who’s shopping for hair styling products for the first time, everyone needs a good hairspray. Read on to access Redken's complete guide to hairspray, and find the perfect hair styling product for you!

Whether you’re a styling pro or someone who’s shopping for hair styling products for the first time, everyone needs a good hairspray. Not only can a great hairspray hold a look in place through even the most humid of days, but they can also create beachy texture, provide volume and add a high shine finish to your style.

But with so many types of hairsprays on the market—many of which address different hair concerns and end results— you may be wondering how can you determine the best hairspray for your hair type. Read on to access Redken’s guide to hairspray, and—bonus—learn how to pick the right one to fit any and all of your hair needs!



There are a number of reasons why hairspray is a must-have for every beauty maven, but the biggie is because it helps hairstyles—whether they’re piece-y beachy waves or a more polished updo—stay in place. “Hairspray allows the user to put a finishing touch on their hairstyle that will help keep it in place and help keep the hair in a desired shape,” says Redken Artist Kate Curran. "Hairspray can also help to create texture within a look.”



Because different hairsprays provide various levels of hold, it’s important that you pick the right one for your hair needs. There are essentially three levels of hold to choose from:

Light Hold Hairspray: For a more flexible hold that allows for some movement in the hair and brushability throughout the day, look for a light hold hairspray, which will keep your hairstyle intact in a way that looks effortless.

Medium Hold Hairspray: Looking for a style that hits somewhere between “sleek and polished” and “tousled and effortless”? A medium hold option is best.

High Hold Hairspray: If you want to ensure that your hairstyle is going to stay in place all day, high hold hairspray has got your back.

Redken Hairspray Before After


In addition to level of hold, it’s also important to consider the end result you want to achieve with your hairspray. Texturizing spray is a type of hairspray that can help you create airy volume for a tousled, effortless style—which makes it the perfect choice when creating beachy, cool-girl waves!

While bottles of hairspray and texturizing spray may look similar, the benefits they provide are quite different. Hairspray is meant to hold shape in hair, while texturizing spray provides hold in addition creating dimension and separation in your strands (think loose, beachy waves). So while a regular hairspray helps hold your look in place, a texturizing spray will provide a touch of effortless oomph while still holding your style.


In addition to holding your style in place, many of Redken’s hairsprays also provide amazing benefits catered to different end results, be it volume, shine or texture. Below are a few of the best hairsprays for different hair needs.


Redken Triple Pure 32

For A Hold That Can Do It All: Triple Pure 32

The newest addition to Redken’s hairspray portfolio, the neutral-fragrance Triple Pure 32, is true hair holding hero. Redken’s New Triple Pure 32 provides the same amazing, all-day hold as the Redken’s legendary Triple Take 32 (as in, your hairstyle won’t budge no matter how humid it gets out there) but with a neutral fragrance. It works on all hair types to help create and set any style, from beachy waves to formal updos and features a tri-actuator design which helps ensure that the product is distributed evenly onto your hair when you spray it.  

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Redken Triple Dry 15

For Your Best-Ever Beach Waves: Triple Dry 15

Often times, the most “effortless” styles (looking at you beachy waves) require the help of great products. A great texturizing spray—like Redken’s Triple Dry 15, allows you to easily create the tousled texture of your dreams without the stress. Providing just the right amount of airy lift and volume, Redken’s Triple Dry 15 is an excellent choice if you’re looking to create effortlessly cool, beachy texture.

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Redken Triple Take 32

For A Lasting Hold And Lightweight Feel: Triple Take 32

From structured updos to loose, beautiful curls, Triple Take 32 extreme high-hold hairspray has got you covered. This hairspray will lock any hairstyle in place with lasting hold and a lightweight, no product feel. The best part? This hairspray's tri-actuator design ensures even application on hair with every use. 

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Redken Quick Dry 18

For a Sleek Style That Will Stay In Place All Day: Quick Dry 18

Structured hairstyles like updos, bobs, and chignons require a high hold hairspray, and Quick dry 18 heeds their call. Not only does it dry quickly and lock your style into place, but it also leaves the hair with a high shine finish.  

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For Adding Volume: Quick Tease 15

If you’ve got fine hair, or just want to add a little extra body to your look, you’ll want to reach for a hairspray that will help you build volume at the roots while creating long-lasting hold. Think of Redken’s Quick Tease 15 as va-va-voom volume in a can.

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Redken Fashion Work 12

The Ultimate Everyday Hairspray: Fashion Work 12

"Fashion Work 12 is the ultimate hairspray for easy, everyday hairstyling,” says Curran. "It’s a medium hold 'working hairspray,' which means that the hair will stay easily brushable after use.” It can help you create versatile styles, like loose waves or updos, and will never leave hair feeling sticky or tacky. For a quick fix on the go or to set a look into a flawless finish, Curran suggests spraying Fashion Work 12 on a makeup brush and gently sweeping it over an area of the hair for a smooth and sleek touch.

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Redken Control Addict 28

When You Need Your Style To Stay Put All Day: Control Addict 28 

If you’re looking for a ride-or-die hairspray that takes your hairstyle from sun-up to sundown, you need a traditional high-hold hairspray. Not only are these hairsprays powerful, but they can help fight off frizz and keep your hair looking great no matter what you encounter throughout the day. Redken’s Control Addict 28 is an extra-high hold hairspray providing 24 hour hold and humidity resistance.

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Redken Forceful 23

For Curls and Blowouts:  Forceful 23

To get the most out of your blowout, you need a hairspray with shape memory. Wondering what that means? Basically, shape memory is an innovative technology that allows the hairspray to rebuild a previous style. That means no more deflated curls or limp blowouts. A great hairspray with shape memory benefits is Redken’s Forceful 23. Simply spray this hairspray throughout your hair when you want to revitalize your hairstyle. This hairspray will fight off frizz all while keeping your strands touchable and soft.

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