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Brunette Haircolor Destination

Everything on Brown Hair

These haircolor trends are going to make you so happy you’re a brunette.

Being brunette is anything but boring. Here, discover your perfect shade of brown and find ways to enhance, style and care for color-treated or naturally brunette hair.

Going Brunette? These Are All the Brown Haircolor Trends You Need to Know About

Every new haircolor journey starts with choosing the right shade. From caramel brown hair on the lighter end of the spectrum to chestnut brown hair on the darker side, there’s a multitude of brunette color options to choose from. Get some inspiration from the latest brown haircolor trends here.

7 Brunette Haircolor Trends to Try Based on Undertone

Redken artists uncover the most popular brunette haircolor trends based on your undertone, from caramel copper brown for a warm, subtle look to lived-in bronde for a cool, edgy effect. 

How to Choose the Perfect Brunette Haircolor For Your Skin Tone and Undertone

Selecting a shade of brown that flatters both your complexion—fair, medium or deep—and undertone—warm, cool or neutral—is key. On this page, Redken suggests your ideal brunette haircolor based on both factors.

How to Care for Color-Treated Brunette Hair

You just stepped out of the salon looking as fierce as ever with your new, shiny dark chocolate hair, but how are you supposed to keep it looking that way? Just like bottle blondes, color-treated brunettes need to adopt a special haircare routine to prevent their new shade of brown from fading. But there’s no need to be intimidated. In general, you’ll want to use a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo that will preserve vibrancy and a conditioner that will repair any damage created during the hair-coloring process, so hair is softer and smoother. This guide includes product recommendations and services to try if you’re going to color your hair.

Lightening Your Dark Brown Hair for the First Time? Ask Your Stylist for These Services.

While not as dramatic as leaping from brown to blonde, going from dark brown to lighter brunette also requires some careful consideration. Since lifting hair can do a number on hair quality, ask your stylist to include pH-Bonder during your haircolor service, so you leave the salon with longer-lasting haircolor and healthier strands. To ensure you also get the exact honey shade you hoped for, ask your stylist for the Shades EQ service, which will bring your hair to the right tone and coat it in a glaze of ammonia-free, demi-permanent haircolor.

Summer Hair Tips for Color-Treated Brunettes

Even brown and ombre hair can turn brassy, and many elements of your fun-filled summer vacation can accelerate that process. To prevent hair from turning orange because of sun exposure, apply products with UV protection when you know you’re going to spend hours outside—and don’t forget to reapply. Even better, wear scarves or hats to shield your locks, and avoid getting hair wet in the pool, since chlorine can dry out your strands and cause haircolor changes.

Hairstyles That Look Amazing on Brunette Hair

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. If you have long, color-treated brown hair, try any of these 11 styles, like a half-up top knot, with wavy ends, or a voluminous fishtail braid. Since they’re heatless, they won’t fade your haircolor if you aren’t naturally brunette. If you’ve got short hair, try pulling back your hair in an easy updo or textured side braid.

Natural Brunette Haircare Tips

Color-treated hair isn’t the only type of hair that requires some extra attention. If you’re currently rocking the brown locks you were born with, it’s worth spending some extra time finding the right products, treatments and strategies, so hair continues to look healthy and gorgeous. Below are some easy ways to do so:

Choose a shampoo and conditioner for your hair needs. Since you don’t need to worry about your haircolor fading with natural brunette hair, focus on washing hair with a product that works with your hair texture, or will give you a certain desired result, like volume or softness. Here’s how you can determine the best shampoo for your hair and the kind of conditioner you should be using. 

Add softness and shine. Brown hair can look dull and feel dry due to excessive heat styling or other factors. Make strands glossy again with this #1 celebrity hair stylist tip, which can even cover grays. To transform dry locks, try a strengthening, softening shampoo like Redken All Soft.

The Best Hair Trends that Look Great on Brunettes

Although there are plenty of ways to play around with shades of brown hair, these two techniques are a great place to start.

Ombre: This technique creates a transition of haircolor from brown to blonde, starting from the roots. For those with dark brown and light brown hair, this honey blonde ombre with red undertones will look fantastic.

Balayage: This haircolor technique requires a colorist to paint bleach or haircolor just on the surface of your hair, freehand. The result: soft, natural-looking highlights. Since the highlights in this technique are usually a soft blonde, and the base color is a slightly deeper shade, it’s great for those with lighter brown hair. This dreamy rose gold balayage proves  brunettes look just as good as blondes do when wearing the metallic haircolor.

Not looking to change your haircolor, but still want to give your brunette hair some love? Stop by a Redken salon and request our Shades EQ service for an instant boost of shine or to try out a new, subtle, demi-permanent color which will wash out in  about 20 shampoos.